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This dragon is serving tables to pay off the presents. Would anyone like a table?

Also, apologies for the site being a bit wonky for the past couple of days... 0catch seems to be having some server problems of late.

It's getting harder to find gifts for Arno... Generally I can find something he'll enjoy or can use, but I've gone through most of my ideas now... I'll probably be stumped come Christmas.

I got him a T-shirt from Woot back in January or so, stuffed the package in a drawer and hoped that Arno would forget about it. Unfortunately this time his memory DID function and he remembered a couple weeks before his birthday that I was concealing something from him. I decided after a while that a measly T-shirt wasn't enough, and ordered some comic books (and I mean the large novel-length kind). These would have been a secret if they hadn't shown up on a Saturday, when Arno was home. >.<

I didn't bother taking the Amazon order out of the box, or the Woot shirt out of its packaging... we don't have any wrapping paper around anyway. Woot's shipping bags are cute, at least. (This one had a variety of pop-culturey monkeys on it.) I handed the presents over to Arno as he came to bed... it was after midnight, so it was -technically- his birthday. I figured this would just be easier than throwing them at him in the morning as he tried to run for work or having to wait until the evening for presents... you don't want to have to wait for your presents on your birthday!

Geez, Beedoo! makes it seem like her gift giving was a big flop. Far from it! I knew, of course, of the T-shirt. The box was more of a surprise, and rather a mystery. For two days the mystery box sat there, leaving me wondering what the heck was in there. And believe me, I was surprised by the contents. Very cool!

I did not celebrate my birthday this year. Erm, back up a moment... I have a twin sister. She reads this site too, occasionally, so anyone wishing me a happy birthday should not leave her out. Anyway, it has never been my birthday, it has always been our birthday. When we were kids it was easy: two kids had one birthday. When she moved out, things got a bit more complicated: does she organise the birthday, or does my mom? Then I moved out, and now there were three responsible parties. To be perfectly honest, I am not good at organising social gatherings. Even worse, I'm not good at being at them. I don't really have the mind for the chit-chat, and I have some very unpleasant experiences in my life that, if I let my feelings take over from my brain, would have me rather stay away from people entirely. Human contact is, unfortunately, stressful for me. Beedoo! has a lot to put up with. (And she gave me presents too!)

So, who would organise this year? Not me. And my sister has enough on her plate with her wonderful little two-year-old Lois, and my mom wasn't going to organise a birthday for two grown-up children who don't live in her house, so... Nobody. The transition to the age of 37 passed by quietly...

Except not quite. Beedoo! made sure I knew it was my birthday. Lois made me a lovely envelope with stickers and glitter which contained birthday money from my sister and het husband, and the equivalent in toy money from Lois' toy cash register (the best present ever! She wanted to give it herself.) Beedoo!'s parents chimed in not only with an online card, but also with a gifted game on Steam (The old classic Deus Ex, which I am having a tremendous amount of fun with, by the way), I got a bunch of cards, and lots of people have been leaving envelopes with cards and/or money at my mom's...

So I definately haven't been forgotten, and I'm glad for it. But, at the risk of being sappy and making the audience go "Awwww" or hurl projectile vomit (or both), the best present is that Beedoo! is still here with me, with all the patience that implies. She provides me with laughter, with distraction from my darkest thoughts and a person to love and appreciate and hold. And she gives me backrubs when my back goes out again, which is nice as well.

Okay, so maybe Lois' gift is the second-best gift, then. Sorry, dear Lois. Better luck next year. :)

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