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I made this comic all by myself! Hurray!

Okay, so, yeah, Beedoo! is a little bit busy. You see, the Beedoo! that I came to know and love has always been a generous person. When she's not busy eating people and their possessions, she often invests her time and energy into ways to make people happier. People like her are the glue that keep communities alive. Her efforts may not often be high profile or prestigeous, but they are absolutely vital. Not everybody understands this. There are people who will happily not invest in any community for years and then expect everything to still be there when they return. Beedoo! is the one who burnt special CDs for everyone in our group when we went to The Gathering. She's the one who brought games. She's the one who tries to be active, to seek out contact. She comments on people's art on forums and tries out games for people to play. Some people bounce in and out like rubber, but Beedoo!, she's glue. (At the end of her life I'll have to ship the poor dragon to the glue factory, I guess.)

So, lately, she took some things on her shoulders. Actually, she may have took a few things too many on her shoulders. This is why the comics are slow in coming. Finally, I figured I would make the comic myself - there's plenty of art for it!

If this goes on too long, I may be forced to go down the road of Dinosaur comics, which has been using same template for its comics to increasingly ill-fitting effect.

We don't really want this, do we? ;)

Indeed, I've taken on a guest-art thing for Uglulyx's Child of Apophis comic. I've signed on for more or less a four-page introductory storyline, and I've been really throwing my all into it... and therefore, the blog must suffer this indignation of Arno making comics. ;p

Meanwhile, I'm also trying to get an art contest going on Pony Central (the name has changed from Canterlot due to some internal strife, but Arno wanted to keep things consistent), and so I've been trying to catch people's attention on the site as much as possible, ask people to make banners promoting it, and so on. I'm hoping I'll have time to do an entry myself, but I have other things that need to be finished first, between comics and award ribbons...

To be honest, I'll be glad when Dutch is out of the way in July... I'll have a big stressful exam then, but afterward, I'll at least have more time for things I've been neglecting, like webcomics, cleaning, and exercise.

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