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This dragon is zapping bugs. Yeah, so it's been a little dry here... dry enough for it to snow a little instead of the freezy rain we tend to get around this time of year here. Arno and I tend to shock each other every time we touch, or every time we touch Kayenta, for that matter.

Also, here's our belated Valentine's comic... about as on-time for holidays as we've managed to get. I still can't believe the gap in time between this post and the last one. o.0; I'll explain that int he next installment. ;p

What did Arno and I do for Valentine's? Honestly, nothing. When we went through the shopping street, I had him go to the fresh-roasted-nut shop and pick something out for me to buy. This ended up being a little difficult, as we'd already gotten groceries and draped them on his bike and were wheeling them home... I stood by the door with the bike while Arno got some candied peanuts and paid for them; I paid him back in the evening and also paid for dinner.

Me, I'm more or less just glad I'm not throwing vase arrangements together last minute for Valentine's Day, though I do miss the flower shop from time to time.

Happy Valentine's... Week? Month? Darn...

So yeah, what Beedoo! says is true: lots of static shocks. I actually never had that problem so much until I moved into this condo. Every winter there's a period where my entire home seems bent on killing me with electricity. At least now I have a dragon to share the agony with. Of course, just my luck that now the dragon is bent on killing me with electricity too!

It gets fun too, though: at the height of the great zap era this year all I had to do was pet Kayenta to make her crackle. Bizare...

The problem does not end when I leave home, incidentally. At work I have two monitors and a laptop, each of whom require a touch at the end of the day to switch off. I usually end up vaguely clawing at the touch buttons in an ill-fated attempt not to get zapped there too. Seriously, everything is out to kill me.

Well, almost everything. Beedoo! did buy me nuts, which was sweet (unless you read that with a pirate voice, in which case it's just plain creepy). And she surprised me buy buying me dinner at the place where I like to eat. And what did I do for Valentine's Week? Nothing, that's what.

But we still have that spark going... :)

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