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So... Dentists. Plural.

I have been going to the same dentist practice for all my life. Our dentist, Mr. Ong, was an Indonesian man with a dentist practice who year ago turned into his daughter who took over the practice when he retired. We have been seeing dentist Ong for years(*). I am bad with dentist visits, however. I keep forgetting to make appointments, and it's not like I have dental insurance that makes me do a check-up once a year(**)

I was going to make an appointment, mind, with my mom pushing me, but I never got around to it. Finally, my mom got so impatient that, in a phone call, she suggested that she would make the appointment for us. I told her that might be a better idea, and let her do it. She wasn't the only one getting impatient, though. Beedoo! had, at the same time, conscripted her mom in doing the same thing for her at her dentist in Flagstaff! So when my mom told me we had an appointment, and I told Beedoo!, she told me that her mom had just made an appointment that very day for our Thanksgiving visit.

Okay, well, kind of embarrassing, but my mom called our dentist to remove Beedoo! from the appointment. And the day she did that... Beedoo!'s filling fell out. So, just after cancelling Beedoo!'s appointment, my mom called the dentist again to uncancel it, and that, in a nutshell, is why Beedoo! went to two different dentists within the space of a month: mine and hers. I'll let her tell the rest.

P.S.: I had completely forgotten to add my comment to the previous comic, Arno and Beedoo! - Gave to the Poore. Sorry about that. The oversight has been rectified.

(*): Except for my dad, who for some historical reason visits dentist Bong instead. I am not joking.
(**): Dental insurance seems a bit of a scam over here: there is always a very low cap on the payment they will reimburse. As a consequence you can end up paying over 150 euroes a year for an insurance that will only pay up to 500 euroes a year on dental work. An insurance that pays for all small things, but not disasters! I think they rely on the Dutch desire to be insured for absolutely everything...

This little dragon has dentists in her teeth.

^ I do like the little placeholder comments Arno puts in... if you don't visit the page frequently, though, you may not have seen them in time. I'm leaving this one in, 'cause it's hilarious.

As I mentioned in the post about Dr Poore working with old-but-still-usable equipment, Dr Ong does the same. AS arno said rather haphazardly above (I think it was a lack of sleep...), the current Dr Ong took over her father's dental practice, and with it, all the old equipment. it's a small office comprised of a waiting room and a a single room for the dentistry. The rest of the building is her house. (My dentist, by contrast, has about 3 rooms for dental procedures, a few for offices and storage, and a waiting room.) She basically had just a chair and a spit-bowl with an automatic water dispenser, and probably an old-fashioned x-ray.

So, yeah, I had a filling fall out... the most awkwardly-placed filling in my mouth, being in the side of a back rear molar. For a while, I managed to keep it popped into place, but I noticed after dinner that it was gone. It was sensitive to heat and cold, and I was terrified that the whole tooth would break, having lost some of its structural integrity.

Dr Ong spent some time deciding what sort of filling would be best and easiest to put in, since it was a trouble spot. She had even more trouble putting it in, and I'm glad I'd opted for novacaine, which she'd said I probably wouldn't need. She kept having to pack my mouth with cotton blocks, as working in that area also put my salivary gland there into overdrive. She also had to work quickly, before the cement set. She really had to struggle!

I also asked about getting a cleaning, which she told me wasn't needed. "Your teeth are clean!" she said. Arno has his cleaning after I was done, and then she tallied everything up, and told us it came to 50 euros. o.0 We all three (because Joke brought us) protestsd that that really wasn't enough, having made us a special emergency appointment, early on a Saturday, to see us. Arno ended up giving her 60 euros, and we still felt guilty!

I was not entirely satisfied with the verdict that I didn't need a cleaning from a dentist I didn't know, and besides which, I still had to request my dental records from Dr Elloway, my usual dentist, so I kept my Flagstaff appointment. I had a cleaning and some new x-rays taken with a new sonic gadget--much more comfortable than those old bitewings, it fit neatly in one side of my mouth and was done in a second. The hygenist told me, "We have to step out of the room, still, as a 'precaution,' but it's not radioactive, you don't have to wear a lead vest or anything..." Then I had my cleaning (necessary or not), and a quick check-over by the dentist, then they gave me the customary bag of toothbrush, sample-size toothpaste, and floss, and sent me to the checkout. $270, or roughly 230.50 euros. Guess who's paying for that sonic x-ray thingie?

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