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Come sit around the tree!
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I am terribly sorry about this joke. It was just too wonderful to pass up. We won't do it again.

So... Merry Christmas! We're a few days late, but believe me, our cards went out before Christmas; we are more or less on top of things (though occasionally crushing them).

Anyway, we do indeed have ornaments in a tree. In fact, Beedoo! came up with the idea of hanging the inexplicably large amount of Christmas tree lights that I own around the windows, transforming our place into the most festive of the entire building. Whoever would have expected that of my place?

Incidentally, this comic alludes to a little know fact: Beedoo! does the drawing, but I do the lettering. I also do the scanning, I darken the lines, I create the webpage and upload the comic. Pixel by pixel. Uphill. Both ways. True story!

Yyyyeeaahh... Arno thought this was hilarious. I thought, may as well not ruin his fun. ;p We hope you had plenty of orgasms this holiday season too.

So, yeah, decorating. Arno's mom picked out a Christmas tree (kerstboom) for us while we were gone. I think they may only have spruce trees to choose from over here.. no Douglass fir or pinon trees here (or a whole lot of other types of conifer in this area...). I'm not sure if this year's tree is a Serbian spruce like the one we had last time, but it definitely is the pokiest damn thing I've ever had to decorate. I may have fared better decorating a cactus. But at least I didn't seem to develop an allergic reaction from this one.

As you can see from the picture below, Arno only has red and silver ornaments courtesy of Ikea for our tree... we had thought we'd brought a selection of my rather more diverse ornaments, but I think that although I went through and sorted out what ornaments I wanted to keep, the keep-box got left behind in favor of bringing new clothes and movies and suchlike. So, we get the cheapo ones again this year. Despite being cheapo, though, they look pretty nice when all is lit up. Arno commented to me about how gauche he thought the balls with glitter stuck on them were, but with the light glinting off them, they look really nice.

Plus, not only are the lights around the windows visible for all the neighbors (no more than five people around the terrain have lights where the neighbors can also enjoy them), but the Christmas tree can be seen through the windows when we have the curtains open. Joke brought us home Christmas evening, after doing gourmetten at their house (I've mentioned this before, I think... hotplates on which you cook your own meat and veggies...), and commented how nice it was that "our neighbors" had such pretty lights in their windows! Arno set her straight, of course. I suppose it's a forgiveable offense... normally the Jacobses enter our building from the parking garage, and this provides a second's glance across the field before you dive underground to the garage. Not really time to stop and stare at the buildings, though the lights might catch your eye in the dark.

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