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Arno and Beedoo!
Bonus Vacation Content #2

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The interesting thing about vacation content is that you don't absolutely need a comic to add some content. A comic makes it more fun, but it also means that you can't just start talking about any old thing: Beedoo! needs to draw a gag about it first. Not this time, though; this time I can say whatever I want. And as it turns out, I do have something to say!

So here's some special news... Who among you here know and remember the old Station 8 chatter Jade Griffin? Well, she got married with children, and is currently doing a webcomic with her husband: Shards.

However, did you know she had a baby on 11-11-2011? And if you thought that was special: did you know the baby is internet-famous? Jade Griffin and her husband decided to name their baby boy Dhovakiin, an important name in the game Skyrim, launched on the date of his birth. In doing so, they have won a competition.

When the publisher of Skyrim published the news on their blog, the commenters predictably arranged themselves into two camps: those who thought it was awesome, and those who were sure his parents had just ruined his life. I actually went ahead and added my own thoughts to the discussion, and I consider them worthwhile enough to share them on Sitting In A Tree as well:

Unlike most of the commenters here, I actually know the parents of this baby. I hope me being informed does not disqualify me from an internet discussion! I have stayed at their house. They are very nice people, with a room full of board games, and a very cute and sweet little girl. And now a little boy to add to that as well.

Have they ruined the kid's life, as some people say? I say: get a grip. I -have- been bullied as a child for years and I can honestly tell you that it's a very damaging, very humiliating experience that never seems to end. It leaves cracks in the foundation on which you have to build your personality and your life, and I will take it with me for as long as I live. However, while I've been bullied for many things, my name was not one of them.

Bullies are insecure. They look for those who cannot or will not fight back so that they can feel and look strong. They need to tear down someone's worth to secure their own. And the people who cannot or will not fight back, such as myself, often suffer from their own form of insecurity: a fear of offending, of not fitting in, of being different. It's that fear that breeds submission, and it's the submission that makes you such a safe and tempting target.

I would never have named my son Dovahkiin. Never. It's hard to spell and it's unusual. It stands out and invites scrutiny. My son would have a simple, every day name, and I would likely teach him to not stand out and not stand up, just the way I was, back then. But Dovahkiin (or 'Tom' for short, I presume) has different parents. He has parents who think naming a child after a game character is FUN, and who will stand before the world to do just that, everyone be damned.

So honestly, I think he will be just fine. He has great, loving parents who will teach him what he needs to know to shine and, to stand out and to be an all-round good and loved person. It's that fear of not fitting in you guys really ought to to worry about.

Don't ever conform under threat. Congratulations Jade Griffin! Congratulations, Eric!

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