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Arno and Beedoo!
Bonus Vacation Content #1
Cams' drackin

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Bok bok bok...
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Just because we are on vacation doesn't mean we have nothing to say or show! The above picture is by our friend Cams. The picture is Cams' wonderfully hillarious response to my claim that I am a chicken. A dragon chicken, to be exact. I've been meaning to show it off for quite a while now.

Cams is a chatter who we met in the Station 8 chatroom. Like pretty much everyone else she has moved on to other places, but fortunately we still see her around from time to time. She is funny and has always been kind to me. What I remember the most about Cams, though, is that years ago she was pregnant with her first child under difficult circumstances, and had to make some very difficult decisions, the kind you wouldn't ever want to be faced with. In the end she chose the difficult path, and for the better, I think. Cams deserves our respect.

Sadly, I do not have a link for a website where we can see more of Cams' work. Cams? Do you have a link? Anyone else?

Over the coming days we have some more content to show. Stay tuned...

P.S.: In the past I would have put a picture like this on my website. I used to receive a lot of generocity in the form of art that I collected in the Gallery section. I used to update the site quite frequently with new art and new chat quotes in the ones infamous Station 8 Chat Quotes section. Sadly, I have not updated the site for years. In part this is due to personal circumstances, and in part this is because I no longer have actual access to the site; I can't update!

The access problem can be solved: I can move the whole site to the very same place as Arno and Beedoo - Sitting In A Tree. This leaves the personal circumstances. I don't know if I will have the time, but mostly the energy, to update the site again. However, I do still have a fairly large bundle of unplublished logs and chat quotes lying around. So... Would anyone still be interested in an update? Or would I be wasting my energy?

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