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Well everybody, we're off to another sun filled vacation up in the mountains of Arizona in November. This time we will be celebrating Thanksgiving with Beedoo!'s parents. Why Thanksgiving this year? Because it's a lot cheaper to get flights around Thanksgiving than around Christmas!

Still, not all is perfect: I only barely managed to catch my niece Lois' 2nd birthday, and I won't be there for her first proper Sinterklaas. And also, it's a bad time to be leaving work, what with all the stuff going on right now. It's hard to look forward to vacation when you know how much could go wrong when you leave it on your desk for three weeks! Here's hoping for a relaxing vacation and an untroubled workplace when I get back!

Now, I would like to take this oppertunity to say some things that this comic blog format does not usually allow me a space for...

  • We are grateful for the comments you leave. I assure you that we read every one of them; I get an e-mail notification whenever one is posted. I also reply to everything that I can possibly think of a reply for. It's just that you probably don't see it because it'll be in a past comic at some point. The comment software actually does have an option for people to leave their e-mail address so they can be notified of further posting activity for that blog posting, I think, but I hesitate to turn it on because asking for an e-mail address seems so... Questionable these days. What do you say?
  • We've been discussing the desire to do a bit more than we've been doing lately. I had a suggestion, which I put to Beedoo! and she liked it, but since it'll be an extra investment in time and energy I don't want to throw it out there just yet. Beedoo! can best clarify her own suggestion if she wants. Is there anything you guys would suggest for us to add? I mean, something within our very limited capabilities? ;)
  • Happy Decemberween!

Arno always thinks I have so much more to say on these things than I do... I really just kind of wing it. Anyway, yay, vacation time! I finally get to go back to American and have real American food! And American Mexican food! I am so happy about this alone that I haven't even really thought about anything else... like what Arno and I are going to do in Flagstaff for three weeks, aside of eat. My mom has been planning a 1-night trip to Gallup, but after that, our schedule is mostly clear.

We are kind of treating this Thanksgiving as Christmas... a Christmas where we can go buy heavily discounted presents the day after. Mom will be doing probably a lot of the cooking, I'll help where I can, but usually she gets a lot done on her own before I get there. We're not doing a whole turkey; between Arno being squeamish about eating anything on the bone and Mom just not wanting to deal with carving up a carcass, she's opted for just doing turkey breasts. I'm planning on doing some baking specifically for my dad... povititza, a Slavic sweet nutroll, which my grandmother would traditionally send around Christmastime. But, as I've run out of grandparents, time for me to take up the yoke. I haven't tried this in the Netherlands, but I've done it once back home, and I know the dough takes up the entire dining table with all the leaves in it... so, really only a Flagstaff project!

So, it looks like eating, shopping, spending money, playing games, watching movies, me studying some Dutch, and whatever else comes up. You'll probably get a long story drawn out over months when we get back to the wet, cold Netherlands. ;) Arno has said that he misses having vacations where he can just sit home and play games all day instead of these exhausting intercontinental trips, but he knows it's important for me to see my parents twice a year. Sorry Arno... maybe next year you can actually have some rest.

Oh, and that new idea Arno mentioned... I have some friends doing Tumblr 'Ask______" things... I'm wondering if Arno and Beedoo! should have one. That could get interesting, right? What do guys you think? Do you have something you'd want to ask us?

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