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Friendship is magic!
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Recently Beedoo! has fallen under the sway of a new hype: My Little Pony.


Now that you have processed that, let me explain. My Little Pony is a remake of the 1980s series called My Little Pony. My Little Pony was a cutesy actiony series about little ponies of various unnatural colours, and at the time it could not hold my interest, which was geared more towards He-Man, Transformers, Robotech, Jayce and the Wheeld Warriors, that sort of thing. This new version is also cutesy, and the ponies are equally bizarely coloured. The story is how friendship makes magic, which leaves the main character, Twilight Sparkle, a magical pony, to research the whole thing by having friends and learning a valuable lesson every episode, that she dutifully reports to princess Celestia with a brief little letter at the end of the episode.

If all that sounds perfectly childish, then you're right. But then you get to the early new season episode where Twilight Sparkle realises that she has not learned anything about friendship for a week and her letter is overdue. Fearing she will be tardy she slowly collapses from a boring, responsible person into a twitching wide eyed maniac bent on wrecking friendships just so she can help fix it and learn the ever important valuable lesson in time before the deadline.

Beedoo! has been showing me early episodes, which are mostly okay, but now that she's watching the new episodes as they come out I see (over her shoulder) what's yet to come. There's apparently quite an internet following for the series, and the message board she hangs out on seems to be populated by pretty crass, non-girly people throwing bizare jokes at each other. I hear a particular lot about one Flutterderp. I think I need to keep an eye on him (or her, as the case may be). Better watch it, Flutterjerk, my eye's pretty big and heavy!

Anyway, I'm glad to see Beedoo! having fun, though I do worry that she may be even more lost to Station 8 than she already was (I do plan to touch upon that in a later post). I'll do my best to preserve her. I'm still working on collecting the required amount of formaldehyde. :)

Honestly, I never saw it coming.

Memebase, an offshoot from the I Can Has Cheezburger site, sends me the occasional update and advertisement about how wonderful it is, just to remind me how much better it is than me. Usually I ignore these things, sometimes I go check out a few pages of the new memes. My Little Brony was one such site that grabbed my attention. Yes, they were ponies, but they had such odd expressions along with the funny captions and the occasional clip... Okay, I had to check it out.


Having watched the entirety of season 1 and with season 2 impending, (and the gargs chat being as dead as it has,) I decided maybe I'd check out some of the forums associated with MLP: Friendship is Magic, and ended up in one Canterlot, which I never left. I feel a little creepy going there, since most of the population is guys half my age, but since I'm not actually BEING creepy, I don't feel so bad about it.

My major contributions have been pony art.. I'm about the only one who draws in pencil, it seems... but I also provide a lot of critique on others' work. What I'm rteally waiting for is to get my light board from AZ so I can do some comic panels properly. I also seem to be running myself out of prismacolor pencils quickly (mostly because they break as I'm sharpening them, but also because it takes a lot of color-mixing to get the desired tones). My -other- contribution is a forum game for replacing the best lines in FiM with 'pants,' though this is falling out of favor due to people not yet having memorized FiM the way the Gargs fans have done... though we've also had 15 years to do it, so...

The above picture of Beedoo! in a pony suit isn't Desert Rein. This is Rein:

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