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What's this? The joke is Beedoo! falling in the water? Have Arno and Beedoo! jumped the shark? Do we have new writers? Have we been dumbed down for a broader audience? What's next? Banana cream pie bazookas? Why, ye--I mean, no. you see, as 100% true as every single one of our comics is, some are more truer than others. And this one is pretty spot-on.

Now, how did this happen? Since this is Beedoo!'s big splash, why don't I let her explain?

I am embarrassed about this, but Arno reassures me that this is another typically Dutch experience. You see, Kayenta found a stick... possibly the most perfect throwing stick we'd run across to date. In an attempt to throw the stick as hard and as far as I could, it went immediately off to the left... and into the sloot (canal... pronounced like coat). I wasn't about to let that go, especially since it looked like I could easily reach the stick and pull it out of the water. And, just to be on the safe side, I lay down on my belly, to kind of use gravity as an anchor.

Unfortunately, I've lost too much weight for this to be effective. Upon reaching far outward for the stick, my center of gravity shifted too far fore, and with the aid of slippery grass and bank-growing plants, I immediately pitched into the sloot. Arno was meanwhile chatting with an elderly couple and holding Kayenta on her leash so she wouldn't try to "help." He told me later that that was dumb of him; he should've been holding my feet or something. Of course it was dumb, I was going after the dog's stick, for Pete's sake...

I was lucky for a few reasons. Firstly, the water was only about waist-deep. I don't expect that the water ever really gets higher than this unless it's been heavily precipitating. Netherlands knows what it's doing in moving water out of areas. Secondly, there was little of the green algae in the area where I fell in. I came up covered in weeds and green stuff, even had some of the algae up my nose, but the way I've seen it coat the water here, I got off easy. And thirdly, as I slid down the bank, I went through a patch of brandnetel--I believe the English equivalent is stinging nettle (more on this next comic), but Arno believes the water may have done much to wash off much of the initial sting. Also, it was a fairly nice day out, though the sun was going down quickly, and there was a slight breeze.

Nonetheless, I was wet, got cold fairly quickly, and was very embarrassed. The elderly couple were concerned, of course. Another gentleman who saw me fall in made sure to ask if I still had everything I went in with, which was a good point; I wouldn't have been thinking to make sure I still had my wallet and keys at that point. I still had everything, thankfully, even my sandals, and Arno led me a short route home, where I went directly into a warm shower with all my clothes still on.

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