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So, we've had them for a while, and even called them out once, but we wanted to make it official: Arno and Beedoo! - Sitting in a Tree have comments. Not our comments, but yours! Just scroll down to the bottom of the page, or click the link above this post, and start typing. Or, read the comments other people have left.

So why do we have comments? And who are they for? Well, we have comments because they are fun. Beedoo! and I met online in a chatroom, back then the most fun place on Earth. The Arcadia Clan still keeps in touch with their own message board. Other people have Facebooks or, if they're oldfashioned, LiveJournals which allows people to share their thoughts with them. Why should we be left out?

Honestly, though, we want to hear from people. We miss the days when our internet lives were abuzz with fun posts and jokes and people. Who do we want to hear from? Well, everybody! The only thing you'll be doing to us if you leave us a post is doing us a favour. Provided it's a nice post, of course.

So, let's hear from you!

Please? *Wibble*

We've got our eye on you... And no, I don't mean the little alien things that popped out of Kayenta's eye a while back... although in retrospect... hmmm...

As a matter of curiosity, I installed a tracking device in the Sitting In A Tree code, so I can see the IP addresses of anyone who visits. We generally have no idea, though, who in specific comes to visit us, but our friends are spread so far and wide that it's usually only a matter of trying to remember who's in what area... as well as the occasional hit from India, Africa or Saudi Arabia, who are generally looking for other things when they visit. o.0

I don't say this to freak you out, of course, but to say, "Hey! I see you visited the comic! Thank you!!" Viewing the page stats makes me happy... I look at them and go, "Hmm, who's been by? Renee, Kess, Countess, Simone... and someone from Illinois who I can't even guess at... wonder who that is? But yay for people!!" Hence the comments... we'd like to know who visits. ;) So post, people!!

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