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So, after three weeks of vacation and nearly three full months since we got back, we finally get back to normal life at home. Kayenta was a little apathetic to our arrival... she took note of us, then went back inside with Tom and Joke. A few moments later, with us trying to get her attention again, she seemed to realize who we were, and that it was time to go back to Arno's. At this point, she started prancing around, whining and trying to knock our travel-weary legs out from under us. And once she was home, it was once again as if nothing had ever happened... we may as well never have left.

We figure Kayenta had a wonderful time without us, since she absolutely loves Tom (who is good with animals) and got to be walked three times a day by him in a rather unfamiliar area (so lots to see and smell there).

I have nothing left to add to this, I think. All of the comics that you see are, of course, 100% true. But this one even more so than most. ;)

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