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As our last comic chronicled, our first day of our two day trip to Disneyland was spent in the California Adventure park. We saved Disneyland itself for the second day, when hopefully, Beedoo! would be feeling better.

Unfortunately, this did not seem to be the case. The sickness that would follow her throughout her vacation (and the cough that would follow her back to The Netherlands) was really coming into its own this second day. I must admit that I was a bit worried, mostly that we would not be able to do a lot, and that Beedoo! would feel bad about that, on top of simply feeling not well.

Still, she managed to make it through the day relatively well. Really, only one blight marred our time there: unavailable rides. Not only had they shut down Splash Mountain for maintenance, they had also shut down Space Mountain permanently to make way for another attraction (to open soon)! It was a bad time to be a mountain, to be sure.

We did go do a lot of things, though. What struck me the most was the attention to the way everything looked in Disneyland, much more than California Adventure or any other place I had previously seen. Ride-wise it was mostly just a theme park, but the decor definately stood out.

Anyway, pictures. I worked hard on them! The area around Dinseyland had these maps built into the sidewalks. I am guessing that Disneyland is extremely important to Anaheim:

The entrance of Disneyland, Main Street, took me by surprise, what with all the old-timey looking buildings and all. I immediately started taking pictures, and telling Beedoo! to get out of the way. This rightfully aggravated her a bit. Whoops. I appologised, and took the picture of the rockety ride with her in it.

Disneyland has several areas, each with a different theme. Here we have the jungle variety, featuring, among other things, Tarzan's Treehouse (formerly known as Swiss Family Robinson's Treehouse) and a jungle boat ride featuring fake animals that look surprisingly real on camera.

The French Quarter has a New Orleans feel to it, and lies next to a lake with a little island in it. The island can only be reached by (motorized) raft. The island was a great playground, for which I was sadly too large, and my back not well enough anymore (I have back problems). There were little tunnels to run through, and pirate stuff was lying around everywhere. A overprotective parent's nightmare, possibly, cause your child could be anywhere!

A large riverboat sailed around the island, taking on passengers. It looked very real, but I am convinced that it ran on rails.

Nothing says Disneyland, apparently, like a big mountain at the center, and a teacup ride near it. So here you have it, quintessential Disneyland!

Everyone associates Disneyland with "It's a small world after all", but the reasons why are not well known to us Dutch people. That day, I learned of the "Small World" ride. Of course, I did not know that's what it was when I took a picture of this bizare looking contraption...

Want to know what's in it? I'll make you regret that question! To the incessant singing of "It's a small world after all" we take a little sailing trip along little puppets that symbolise every country in the world and The Netherlands twice.

Note the Disney characters hidden amidst the puppets, and the surprise Beedoo somewhere near the end! ;)

Next up: a picture that has been taken by every single living being that ever visited Disneyland since the moment they put this thing there:

Toon Town (known as Mickey's Toon Town, though it's obviously Roger Rabbit inspired) was my favourite place to look at. It didn't have many worthwhile rides, but when it came to the look of the thing, it beat every other part of Disneyland hands down:

And so we reached the end of the day. I know, I know, is that all? Well, I could have shown you all my other photographs, but I decided to be merciful...

And that's pretty much it. I left out a lot of story, I know, but that's what we have a Beedoo! for... Take it away, Beedoo!!

I can't say much more about Disneyland than Arno already has and that I have in the previous post, mostly because so much of it has already fallen out of my head, it being, what, nearly three months off now... and nearly two weeks between comics... which I maintain is not my fault. Though I can't blame Arno for not wanting to have to program a whole other page of photos after just having done so in the previous comic. Thus, with the long interval, I ended up drawing this second comic in the interim. There will also be another page with some "bonus content" on it next time. ;)

Cali was nice and warm, and that helped immensely with the virus I was harboring... er, in the sense of getting rid of it. The brisk walk to the park from the hotel cleared my sinuses in short order, though I think the resulting cough uhng around that much longer because of this. About halfway through the day, I realized how good I was feeling without having taken any Dayquil for hours... and it's also probably a good thing that I didn't get all wet from Splash Mountain (though I still resent it being closed!)

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