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Arno and I seem to be on planes a lot. Or in them, anyway, depending on the circumstances. It does seem to make the time go a little faster when you have someone to talk to, lean against, and corroborate with... and believe you me, we've had a lot of time to kill in the planes on this trip, but I've had worse.

We made a short initial jump from Amsterdam to Frankfurt on this trip, prior to our flight across the Atlantic to Toronto. I believe we were on a commuter flight, as it lasted about an hour and a half. The plane was tiny, and we deplaned out the rear exit down stairs... which were both things I've never experienced before. Unfortunately, we had to deplane in the rain in Spai--er, Germany, and rush off to mess around at the Air Canada gate. Lufthansa and Air Canada were very nice... it's a pity we can't take them more often. (Plus searching for pet travel is kind of a pain! Very few airlines bother with it.. too muych of a liability, methinks.)

Following our stay in Canada (about time we finished with that chapter of our vacation, eh?) we took another flight to LA, where Arno and I would spend two days seeing the Disney attractions. Our Air Canada/Delta flight was also nice, though the food was a bit more on the iffy side this time. The staff deserve a lot of kudos from uys, because after we deplaned in LA, the attendants at the gate went back into the plane twice for me... once for my jacket, and then again for my pillow, once I realized I didn't have that with me either. (Blame the dayquil...)

We had another short flight to Phoenix--hardly worth mentioning but for its brevity and uneventfulness--and then a flight to Minneapolis and Amsterdam by another carrier. I don't recall if it was United or US Air (thought I suspect the former), but I was not impressed by them... mostly because my video screen wasn't working. Alternately, when I tried the music settings, I nearly had my ears blasted out. In retrospect, maybe I should have tried their freebie low-quality headphones rather than my own, but I figured it probably wasn't worth bothering. But it does get annoying when you get used to check the little flight map to pass the time, and suddenly you are denied it.

I suppose all my airline gripes really boil down to: 1)poor customer service/communication upon purchase, 2) faulty onboard equipment and 3) food you have to pay for. (you've already bought near a thousand dollars worth of plane seat... you can't just give me a friggin' snack for free?)(though in Beedoo!'s case, sometimes it's the same diff...) It's not that I dislike flying or anything, but I really wish they'd hurry up and invent transporter technology already. I have better things to do with my time than spend it uncomfortably and unfed in an overpriced plane seat. Like drawing comics and writing for a blog. ;p

Beedoo! already wrote just about everything there is to say about our trips. We sure flew around a lot. My views on flying have been skewed permanently, though, by my first flight. This flight, from Amsterdam to Chicago, operated by Kuwait Air, seemed to have a single cursed seat. This seat was mine. When I boarded the plane, a mother had had her kid sit on my seat, covering it with crumbs. She took the kid on her lap for the rest of the ten hour flight, a hardship indeed. This basically left me with the feet prodding into me, and a blocked passage to the bathroom. There were movies, though, on little screens in the backs of the seats. Mine was broken; it flashed at me about every second.
So... By that experience, the first flight I ever had to compare other flights to, any flight is okay for me so long as it doesn't go down in flames. So, for these flighgts, I'll just call out some highlights:

  • Air Canada's flights were the most comfortable I've ever been in.
  • The ground crew at Los Angeles was very helpful.
  • The entertainment system of our last flight back was the oldest, least interactive I have ever seen.
  • Non of the flights went down in flames.

In short, I'd recommend Air Canada for all your flights, unless your points of departure or destination are not Canada. :)

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