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There is a song by a Canadian group called Three Dead Trolls in a Baggie which is called Toronto Sucks. It starts by listing what they don't like about Toronto, only to then expand their complaints to Ontario and finally all of Canada minus their home province Alberta (minus Calgary). It starts like so:

I hate the Sky Dome and the CN Tower too, I hate Nathan Philips Square and the Ontario Zoo...

The song lists so many Toronto landmarks that wo could not possibly visit them all, but we did make it to the CN Tower. The CN Tower is a tall observatory building, the likes of which you can find all over the world, which looks out over Toronto. I had actually been there before, along with MAui and Dubble, in 2004, so for me it was not a major event but rather a familiar place. I did, however, take much better pictures this time.

Since Beedoo! had her first experience there, I will leave it up to her to spin you a yarn about it all, and I will stick to the pictures. Click any image for a larger version.

The CN Tower in broad daylight, as seen while we were approaching downtown Toronto:

You could view the, er, view from inside, behind the safe and warm windows. Or, you could go outside for a proper view:

Or, you could view the baseball game in the Sky Dome, through to glass floor, or simply from outside:

And here we are, posing for our profesional photographer Robert. Aren't we cute? And there's Robert. Isn't he... Er... Robert?

What can I add about the CN Tower? Um... it was tall?

Arno and I had a chance to visit a similar tower in Berlin when I visited him a couple years ago, but given that there was a lightning storm going on, we decided against it. Neither of us is really into heights (ironic, huh?), but I can supress my fear of them enough to do dumb things like walking across a reinforced glass floor or standing on the glass in the elevator and looking down as we rode. Both gave me vertigo, though. I get the impression that since it was dark, it wasn't nearly as scary as it would have been in the light... which is likewise ironic.

There was a baseball game going on that evening. I want to say it was the Canada Nationals (no one seems to know what CN stands for...). Every now and then a cheer would rise up from below and some of the tiny specks on the field would move around. Neat to see, but not too handy if you actually want to know what's going on or what team is ahead.

Dubble and Jenn apparantly took some sort of ride on the upper deck, Kess went to another deck and back to take some photos, and we all lost each other again... we really need to stop doing that! Rob, Arno and I did manage to crash into Kess again, but Dubble and Jenn hadn't come back down from the top... but we didn't know this, so the four of us wound our way back down to the gift shop and exit to see if they had come out without us. Unfortunately, they hadn't, but we didn't know that, and ended up waiting until everyone was chased out at closing time (which was only a 20 minute wait, but when someone you're looking for doesn't show up and you're worried about it, it becomes a long time).

Anyway, the view from the tower was quite pretty, especially with all the nighttime lights and the view over the lake, but I'd like to see it again in the daytime maybe, just for the contrast. I don't know if it's worth trying to get through Toronto again though... Luckily this attraction was one we didn't drive to! (Also, still not fun with a cold.)

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