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Pictures from
MAui's Marvelous wedding...
When Chris got MAui'ed!

MAui and Chris, shortly after their spectacular motorcycle entrance, accepting the applause and admiration of their peers. Like many of these pictures, the quality is iffy, because, well, because I'm not good at taking pictures!

The Arcadia Clan! Going clockwise, starting from the left, we have: Beedoo!, eating from the first(!) buffet, Robert, who has avoided nearly all other pictures, Kessalia, foofing up her hair, Jenn, accompanying Dubble and wondering what the heck she wound up in, Dubble, pretending to be Beedoo!'s mirror image, and Arno, behind the camera.

We had our own table. I'm sure that was meant as a nice gesture, and not to keep us away from the normal people.

The lady of the hour, AKA the bride, AKA MAui the Maaaaaaaarvelous, AKA Anne. I actually expected her to spend much less time with us than she did. After all, it's her wedding, with all those other guests and everything!

The second banquet, which came after the giant slab of meat, which came after the first banquet. This is probably the most colourful picture that my camera has ever taken. I suspect it was a bit high for the rest of the evening.

The fancy dancing girls. Look at how comfortable the wedding couple looks!

Click on the images below to see larger versions of them.
Commentary by Arno.

MAui and Chris, leaving church after the ceremony. I don't think they saw us. ;)

The reception hall where the main festivities took place. Note the elevated tables in the back for important people.

The hall containing the first (and later the last) banquet. On the picture it looks like there was much less than there was. There was a lot.

The wedding cake.

The motorcycle cake.

Kessalia, Jenn, Dubble and Beedoo! dancing. They did a lot of that, but are hard to photograph well that way (sorry Beedoo!!). Robert avoided the dance floor entirely. He is even more wimpy than me.

The Arcadia Clan hangs out with MAui. For those who can remember Station 8 a looong way back, the person who MAui's hand is resting on is Tahiti. I'd have liked to talk a little bit longer with her.

MAui had an interesting ornament in her hair. It was made by someone. She told me, but I forgot who.

Sitting at the table atop the other tables that looked out over the other tables still, the newly wed couple look out over the little people below, crawling like the ants that they are.

Another picture of the last banquet, only with more butts in the way. I had a piece of motorcycle cake, which was very rich and good, and I think the floor really liked it too.

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