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Well... We went on vacation for three weeks, and looks like we never got round to actually adding text to this entry, let alone do more comics. Don't worry, though, comics will come; I have one to scan right here!

But what about Kayenta, you ask? Kayenta is fine. Beedoo! took het to the vet with her weird alien eye wart, and they cut it off. Since I wasn't there, I cannot say much about it. I'll leave that to Beedoo!. I will say this, though: when I got home from work, she sure was woozy. Not a lot; a lot would mean that she'd be lying around. No, this was the worse kind of woozy: woozy and moving around. She walked into walls and got her head banged by the building's automatic door.

Overall, though, I'm very satisfied with how it all worked out. Kayenta's eye got fixed, and the vet turns out to be very cheap. The whole episode from start to finish cost a little over €100. That includes a first check-up, a second one with aneasthetics, a third, the removal of the thing and two tubes of goop to put in her eyes. I am a satisfied customer.


Kayenta has a point there, the anesthetics didn't actually occur until the surgery, which was the third visit. Good catch, Kayenta. You get a cookie.

Arno re-corrects: she did get a local anesthetic in her eye so they could pull her eyelid out and look at it. Good Arno. You may have a dog biscuit too.

No, the lump on her eye did not eventaully go away as we had hoped it would. The vet, upon her second check of Kayenta's eye, told me that this needed to be taken care of IMMEDIATELY, or it could scratch her cornea. To be honest, I don't see my dog complaining of having a scratch in her vision. Dogs don't complain about much. But I was more concerned about the wound in her eye becoming infected, and wanted to get that out of there, so we went ahead and scheduled the surgery... whereupon we ran into scheduling issues. I didn't have my schedule with me, but I knew I had a week riddled with appointments: MRI, sonogram for cysts, MRI findings... plus my normal class schedule inbetween, our vacation coming the week after, and all this packed into Tom & Joke's schedule, since they were the ones toting me around everywhere. So I was hemming and hawing about the date with the secretary, only to have to go home and check my schedule and call her back to say, "Oh, I guess I CAN do Monday..."

So the dog had an early dinner and wondered why we got up so early and took a walk to a different place than usual... the place where she gets petted in the eye... and then got LEFT there! I walked back home alone, strangely unnerved about not having the dog with me, and got to sleep an hour or so more before Tom and Joke came to pick me up for my MRI. after that, I did a little studying for class, then was picked up again by Tom at a quarter to three to pick Kayenta up.

She was very woozy, but managed to get into the back of the car nevertheless... but she didn't seem to be enjoying the ride the way she usually does. Her usual "I'm a dog! I'm a dog! I'm a dog!" was replaced by a bleary, red-eyed "...I'm a cog... no.. I'm a god... I'm...I'm a.. *snore*" Day after that, normal dog again. Just in time to leave Tom and Joke to put ointment in her eye while we went on vacation without her. We don't think she minded, since Tom is her other Favoritest Person Evar.