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Beedoo! has been very busy lately, so I figured I would step up and create a comic myself using the art skills that I learned at kindergarten: cut and paste!

Lately it's beenm pretty dry in The Netherlands. We are not talking about Phoenix dry, or even Flagstaff dry. This is The Netherlands, land of grey skies and winter depression. It's not that dry. Still, bits of nature are catching fire, crops are getting in trouble, and the news reports this may be the worst drought since 1911. And that, dear readers, is exactly 100 years ago.

This points to a increasingly clear pattern: ever since Beedoo! set foot on Dutch soil, the weather has been extreme or unusual in one way or the other. We have had record amounts of snow; again, no Flagstaffian amounts, but enough to grind out little country top a halt. We have had warm winters, cold summers, and now we have a drought. Meteorilogists predict that by halfway july the air will be so saturated with evaporated water from the sea that the rest of the summer will be spent in rain, rain and rain...

In other words, Beedoo! broke our climate system. Nice going, Beedoo!.

This dragon had no idea the other dragon was even doing this.

Indeed I did not! This just proves that you can do a lot with a creative mind, even if you have few resoucres in the area of talent. ;)

Speaking of talent, have you noticed when we don't get our blog entries up, Arno leaves little "This dragon..." notes? These are basically placeholders for text we haven't had a chance to write yet, and they can be up for minutes or days, depending on when we get around to it. In retrospect, maybe we should have saved them... but that sounds like it involves work, and we've both had plenty of that lately... I for one would like to play some games once in a while instead of doing homework or housework!

By the way, we're looking into a way for you all to comment directly on the comic/blog. We're stealing the idea from Jade Griffin's Shards comic, which you should also totally check out. Hopefully we'll get to work on this when we get back from our vacation. Arno's done a test-run on it already and it seems to work... we just need to do a few more checks on it before we put it up.