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For nearly two weeks now Kayenta has this weird growth in her eye, like a very spongy zit. And, for those of you who are currently eating while reading this: her eye is also leaking pink snot.

Now, this is not as alarming as it sounds. Apparently, dogs have inner eyelids, transparant things that cover their eyes. So the growth is not actually on her eye, but on the transparant thing over her eye. It actually looks pretty weird: her eye will roll and the alien incubation pod remains where it is.

It doesn't seem to bother Kayenta at all, but it does freak us out a bit. It doesn't help that she smears the snot on our clothes, on the doors, on her bed and anywhere we haven't thought to look yet!

Mostly, I'm worried, though. The vet didn't seem terribly worried, but I'll still be glad when that thing is gone, because I feel bad for my adopted doggy...

I'm not terribly worried about the dog, though the little pustule thing isn't getting any better with the eyedrops we were given for her. We're mostly keeping an eye on it (har) for another week or so to see if it goes away on its own... if it doesn't, she'll have to have it removed. My mother has told me that similar things happened with her horse, so I'm trying her solution of hot-packing that eye, but it's a little difficult. If anything, it looks like it's gotten bigger. o.0

Kayenta is always good about going to see "her friend, the vet," and visiting the dierenkliniek here is no exception. She loves getting attention from strangers, especially ones who pet her, though these seem to pet her in some odd places. In regards to her eyelid problem, she was very cooperative, even though the vet had to give her some local anesthetic in order to pull out the inner eyelid with tweezers to look at. Kayenta barely moved at all. I winced.

I had intially said something here about insurance covering this, but Arno says I've got it wrong, so um... nevermind, I guess? The costs overall for vet care haven't been very much at all; just the eyedrops for the current predicament, and for monthly flea/tick treatments... overall, I'm pretty satisfied with the dierenkliniek over here. If you ever need a vet in Haarlem, I know which one to recommend.