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Part of the agreement for me to move the Netherlands included the promise of a new computer. For four months or more, this just remained a promise, and the two of us would spend evenings watching the other doing something on the computer (usually me watching a game Arno wanted to show me, because I'm not really persistent enough to play them more than a couple hours on my own...) or me just relinquishing the comp completely and going off to work on homework, comics, reading, etc.

Now, these were hardly empty promises... Lord knows we measured things over and over again, and went to Ikea (one stop away on the train) to scout out our options there. We checked a local computer store and weighed the options of having Arno put things together versus having one put together at the store. Still, this amounted to nothing for months.

On our second trip to Ikea, to double check measures of desk area and such, we decided to bite the bullet and grab what we needed... a desk and chair for me, and a new (matching) desk for Arno, since his old one was starting to fall apart, with and extra extention for the printer.

Note: Don't try to pick up parts for three pieces of furniture and eat Swedish meatballs before closing time if you got there after 6:00.

Despite all the running and heavy lifting we had to do, we got all the parts we needed... but the store was closing as we were finding the last few items necessary... And then we had to get the cart to a register to pay for everything--at or slightly after closing time--and then take everything over to customer service for delivery--definitely after hours. Delivery under 35kg was free, and there was no way for us to get the big table blades in Tom's car, so we ended up taking six table legs and the extention with us. I think we could have managed this much on the train, but Arno's parents would likely be insensed if we didn't let them help out with things like this. (Plus we'd end up carrying those heavy table legs five blocks home from the train station otherwise...)

Delivery got interesting when the Ikea truck arrived at our building complex. The main driveway is only open until 11:00 every day, and after that time, it's blocked by a short post that rises up from the ground. Some people somewhere have keys to operate the thing, but I have no idea who or where to find them. We had not anticipated this, unfortunately. Plus with me not speaking Dutch, and the deliverymen not speaking English, it was a bit of a stressful morning. Luckily a man who maintains things in our building happened to be around, could let the delivery truck in and helped me get everything into the elevator and then into the apartment. Ikea charges per floor, even if there's an elevator, and we didn't see a need to pay for that. The extra help was appreciated. Kayenta did her job, barking at the strange person entering the apartment, but shut up when I told her to. Good dog.

Of course, this was just getting everything to the apartment. We didn't even get anything out of the cardboard until well after our Christmas trip, and then discovered that we'd picked out table blades a shade lighter than the one we'd intended to... which ended up being a better color overall, I think. (a whitish woodgrain, versus a honey-color woodgrain we'd planned to get) We ended up exchanging the "correct" color extention rather than go through trying to get the delivery people back to exchange the bigger heavier pieces.

You know, this whole ordeal with getting the desks just highlights each and every one of my flaws:

  • Indecisiveness - I tend to procrastrinate on decisions, putting them off and off so I can think it over a bit more and be absolutely sure I'm not destroying my life or that of anyone I know with the choice. When we bought the desks we had actually gone over there to measure them and get some other small things. You know, measure, just to be sure. If Beedoo! hadn't suggested we'd buy them, we may still have been measuring today.
  • Absentmindedness - How could I foget the pole? The most important thing to think of when having anything delivered here is: before 11 AM!. That could have gone a lot worse than it did.
  • Stubbornness - I believe it was Beedoo! who wanted to get the colour we have now anyway. But no, I wanted the lighter colour. Fortunately, we accidentally got her colour, which looks much better.

I am sure I have some good qualities. There must be some, considering that Beedoo! does want to be with me! Who knows, maybe Beedoo! will talk about them in some future comic... ;)


You forgot Perfectionism and Insecurity...

Oh, and I meant to mention the Ikea "carts"... they're stupid. Do something about it, Ikea!