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Dutch people - from Beedoo!'s dictionary:

Maul: 1 verscheuren, aan stukken scheuren; 2 ruw behandelen.
1 wandelgalerij, promenade; 2 winkelpromenade; 3 (Am.) middenberm.

So, while in Flagstaff we went to the mall several times. None of the times were actually as gruesome as what is depicted in the picture here, though we did go once during the Christmas rush as well. Flagstaff has a rather pretty mall. In Dutch terms, I would even call it gezellig. During the Christmas season it had a large Christmas tree next to their year-round big hearth. Both are depicted above, though normally there are no people in the tree.

We went to several stores in the mAll , but the one that continuously stands out for me is the GameStop store. I never saw such enthusiastic personel in the Netherlands. This time we bought more than $50 worth of second-hand games while we were there. And this was before I got the $50 GameStop gift certificate for Christmas! We came back with over $100 in second-hand games. We're set for the year!

Beedoo! tried something new with this drawing, and I think it worked. I'll let her tell all about it. :)

We did indeed have some extensive shopping forays at the maul/mall as we had to do most of our Christmas shopping in town. I picked out several games that looked like they'd be fun... I'm not really as much on video games as Arno is, but he's having fun playing some of the ones I've bought for myself and he's welcome to them. I figure one of these days I'll actually be bored enough/have time/be motivated enough to play them for more than a couple hours at a time. Meanwhile, I have my fiddly puzzle games and click-arounds to keep me occupied. ;p

In an effort to make things easier on us both, Arno has encouraged me to try drawing these comics with a light blue pencil and then ink over them. I'm not altogether comfortable with that, as my inking often leaves something to be desired... but in the interest of progress, I'm at least trying to draw with the light blue first and then darken with normal pencil. Arno is already impressed at the outcome, namely the picture above. It cost him much less time to scan and fix up, mostly because there are no smudges from erasing or from me dragging my hand across the pencilled-in lines. What do you guys think? I may work my way up to ink in the future.