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Congratumalations to us! We've reached our first Sitting in A Tree milestone... comic #50! Looking back, it seems like not that many, but remember that is IS the two of us slackers doing it. The updates are slowing down as an effect of my schoolwork and other stressors, such as Arno being busy at work (and therefore not wanting to scan something when he gets home, done programming for the day). We've had our plates full, but we intend to keep doing comics at least once a week.

This comic is dedicated to our fans, and so I've made a special attempt to draw a few of you in the pic above. :) From L to R are Shinga, Renee, MAui, and Andy. There are several others out there who we know are keeping up with us who I'm just not talented enough to get in the picture. I get nervous dealing with that much detail, I think. Don't want to ruin it. Maybe once we get to 100, I'll try to get more folks in the shot. ;)

We've got a statistics hit-counter on my site, so we can tell "who" has been on the site... sort of. By "who," I mean that we get a stack of the same IP address, and we make an educated guess as to who it could be judging by who we know in certain regious of the country/world. We've also gotten a few random hits from places like Austria and New Zealand... it's fun to see what we've accumulated! It's interesting to think that we're attracted some outsiders to a page that we designed mostly as a mode of communication for family and friends--not that we mind, at all! Welcome! We love the attention! Make yourselves known in the Guestbook! (The rest of you, the ones we know, are entitled to post in the Guestbook too, you know... so our suspicions about your visit can be confirmed!)

Naturally, some of you have been counting the comics on the front page and have been wondering what all this '50' business is all about. Well, did you count the 'Arno and Beedoo! are Sitting in a Tree'-comic at the top of that page, guys? A-ha!

So, this is mostly Beedoo!'s milestone. She's the one doing all the work. She draws the comics, after all. My job revolves around nagging her to make a comic, and then not scanning it for days. I'm sorry about that; I try to do better, but it's hard. I also take part in the creative process of figuring out what the comic should be. Generally, I come up with the basic idea. Beedoo! then thinks it's not funny enough, which will surprise me to no end. Eager to save face, I then keep refining or altering the idea until she is laughing and I know I have convinced her. After that, she will grab het drawing pad and draw something that has a passing resemblance to what I pictured, which I will scan (eventually), letter and upload, and there you go!

This picture is rather rare, in that it actually features a proper-sized (i.e.: giant) dragon-Arno. Mind you, I use proper in the loosest form, because if there is one thing that Beedoo! consistently has trouble with, it's drawing that dragon big enough. It has to do, she claims, with getting us both on the picture. :)

I do have my own little project now that Beedoo! is assisting me in: I am trying to write a story. Beedoo! has been a great help. The story is definately much better for her help; I just finished chapter 2 this week, and am excited about what's to come. Hopefully I can keep it up.

Anyway, this has been mostly about Beedoo!, not our wonderful and loyal readers, but she deserves the attention. As for the rest of you: