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You may think this is funny, but it's snot.

The picture above really isn't an accurate depiction... the dragon snot should also be on FIRE.

So, getting back to this finally, I was sick. While I could have picked up this strain of strep throat anywhere, I tend to think it was from the plane ride, what with it being in the middle of cold and flu season and it being a long ride filled with lots of germ-ridden people... and being seated by the toilets probably didn't help either. I've been pretty good about quelling my phobia of public restrooms of late, but with the smell that ekes out of airplane restrooms, you just know there's some kind of nasty bugs floating around in it.

Wherever I picked it up, it really laid me flat out. \I haven't really had a terrible sore throat since before I had my tonsils removed in December of 2000, right before my student teaching. I had them removed then because I was liable to catch everything the class brought in, what with my childhood-through-adult tendency to get chronic strep and bronchitis. Removing my tonsils was one of the best things I've ever had done, though it was terribly painful for the first couple of weeks after. Since then, I have very rarely taken ill, and when I have, it's been stomach flu more often than colds.

When I caught this bug, then, I thought it was only a slight throat irritation, that it would go away if I had a cough drop or two and some hot salsa... but no. It just went from bad to worse despite all my usual remedies. Andy was coming for a visit during this time, and had just got over pneumonia the previous week, so I was trying to be extra cautious around him, in case I got that as well, or reinfected him with something else. Despite my sore throat though, we went out to dinner at Outback with Andy and his parents and all of my family, and had a great time. (Simone and Giovanni had given us $100 worth of gift certificates to take us out to dinner for a Christmas present.) But the next morning, my voice was gone. I insisted, in a whisper, that I was fine, that it would go away, and it seemed to once I brought out the salsa.. .my voice returned and my sinuses were clear even through my throat still ached a bit... but it returned the next morning with a vengeance. Once Andy had been picked up by his family, I let Arno know that I thought I needed to go to Urgent Care, and luckily, one had recently opened in a shopping center near my house. I was given some potent antibiotics and some acetametaphin/codine pills for pain. (Those were great!) Mom, meanwhile, needing to be Mom, fetched my some fresh chicken soups from Safeway, which I sucked down immediately.

I'm hoping this was my one illness for the next 10 years. ;p

Also, Arno was a dear during the whole process, full of "Do you need...?" 's and "Are you all right?" 's and kissing me even though I insisted he had better not get what I had. He gets a gold star for good boyfriending. :)

Beedoo! gives me too much credit. I am looking forward to me being sick because I am certain she'll be an angel. :)

I am not one for going to the doctor. I tend to think that an illness will take care of itself in the end so long as you're not being wimpy about it. It's more or less the same thing as my dad has, who once worked for three days with a broken finger because just cause it hurt didn't mean he needed to go see a doctor. My father is a bricklayer. It broke when it got hit by a machine designed to break bricks. It's not a healthy attitude, but there you go.

Anyway, I know Beedoo! isn't exactly whiny about these things, so when she suggests going to the doctor, it's time to go see the doctor. I have to admit to some nerves regarding the costs. American health care is famous for being expensive, and I wasn't 100% sure if her shiny new health insurance would actually cover it. I suspect that it will, though, once I figure out what forms to fill out; an accademic procedure, I suspect, since the amount owed is about as much as she has to pay into her health care per year before the insurance starts taking over. But hey, it's good practice!

I have to note that Christy's mom was great too... Not only did she bring chicken soup and things for Christy, but also Emergen-C and such things to keep me healthy around such a biological hazard. The last thing I wanted was to be a sick burden on Christmas!

Anyway, boring talk, blah blah, I'm glad Beedoo! was well before Christmas. :)