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This comic is completely true.

The idea for this comic was Arno's, and I immediately thought of turning it into a Driving Miss Daisy reference, but thought this would actually be funnier. No, he doesn't actually have to crack a whip at me to get me to draw comics... I just don't always want to draw, especially if I'm reading a good book. I usually only draw in the evenings, when he takes over the computer and I go warm up under the bedcovers... which I'm doing more and more, as it's getting unseasonably cold here. (Haarlem rarely gets snow because it's so close to the North Sea, so I'm told, but we had a pretty good snowfall considering... Not as much as we'd get in Flagstaff, for certain, but for here, enough to make things slippery. Probably about half an inch.)

Not to mention, I have to pester Arno probably twice as much to get things scanned and up on the site! But I'm not demanding about it. ;p