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Ever since Beedoo! moved in with me, the condo has been in a bit of a state. Two suitcases lying around, objects needing a place to live... And with all the other stuff we had going on, we never really felt like putting things in order. Thus, over the past weeks, the surfaces in the living room filled up with all the little things that need a little thought before they get put away. Until last weekend, that is. Last weekend was cleaning day! We cleared up the surfaces, vacuumed the carpets really well, swept, vacuumed and mopped the rest of the floor, and generally did everything we could to wear ourselves out completely.

All this was not for nothing, though. This weekend Beedoo! is cooking my family a belated Thanksgiving dinner, using Dutch ingredients and whatever implements my kitchen is stocked with. Wish her luck!

P.S.: an alternate title for this particular comic was: "Arno and Beedoo! - Suck". But, you know...

We did indeed throw ourselves into cleaning for the upcoming dinner... moving at a fever-pitch to make the place look like we hadn't actually been living in it, which is the way Arno tends to keep it. We still have stuff stacked all over... now it's just moved to different places. Doghair tends to collect everywhere, whether the dog has been there herself or not. These are not so much dust-bunnies as hair-hares, and even though we tend to sweep frequently to eliminate them, more appear almoset instantaneously. Even right after we think we've swept out every possible corner of the condo, another one shows up, and we go, "Where the heck did THAT one come from??"

We did a good job of exhausting ourselves, at the very least. The rest of my week was pretty much spent looking up recipes and fretting about not having the right ingredients, missing things (which I sent Arno out to procure), and trying to get various dishes cooked ahead of time... more on this in a later post though. ;)