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Patrick William, born November 9, 2010 at 02:51 AM EST, weighing 6 pounds 14 ounces, 22 inches long.

Congratulations, Renee! Congratulations, Patrick!

Renee is a good friend of ours from Station 8 Gargoyles chat. We rarely get to talk to any of our friends there anymore these days, for a variety of reasons... being on the wrong side of the world to catch anyone who happens to stop by being only one of them. The room has seen busier times, to say the least, and we aren't in there to stir things up anymore. (Maybe this will change once I get my new computer, and Arno and I can RP properly again, computer to computer.) Anyway, because of our lack of attention to posting in S8, we receive most of our gossip via email and the Arcadia comment room now.

We have the unfortunate disadvantage that everyone in our age bracket suddenly got lives. (We say this about all the chatters that suddenly disappeared from S8... whether or not any of these people actually got lives, we can't be sure. If they did, good for them, but our loss.) Arno and I have the problem that we're so focussed on each other that if we didn't remind each other of our friends via email and whatall that we'd probably forget to keep in contact, and hence this blog. At least others can see what we're up to... but we want to know what you all are up to as well! Let us know what you're doing via the Guestbook!

Oh, and yeah... blah blah from me, but a big congratulations to Renee and her hubby, Andrew, on the birth of their new son. :) Leave it to Arno to make things short and sweet.