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We are so on top of things! (like this blog, for instance!) We have got so much done in the past week or so that we're still kind of reeling from it. The one thing that we seem to be neglecting is our site here... I'm mainly concentrating on my diet and exercise and Dutch-language learning, and when I'm not doing that, I try to do a few chores around the house... or I go off and play games. I don't usually get to drawing until late evening, when we're done doing everything else, including playing games/watching Arno play games, and playing fetch with the dog. We got Kayenta a pack of tennis balls, and have been taking them along on our walks from time to time to throw them for her in the off-leash area, and at night on the lawn in front of our complex. Also, Arno has cooked dinner for me, and I should go eat it, so I'll end my post here. Tootles!

As my esteemed dragon colleague pointed out, we have been a bit busy. Not even busy in the sense of "not enough hours in the day", but just... Head full of stuff. All seems to be going well, though; we got a letter today from the city to inform us that Beedoo! hasn't been living in Iceland after all!

The picture distorts things a bit, tough, and not just in the fancy 3D-type effect. It implies that I am doing a pile of paperwork, and Beedoo! is doing nothing, other than sitting on top of the giant pile and ruining things. In reality, we have been doing these forms together (and, additionally, Beedoo! actually sat on a dining room chair).

We try to be on top of things, but there is a lot to do, still. Find Beedoo! a bicycle, buy a desk and rearrange the computer room for a second computer, which we also have to buy, set up a network, get innoculations for the dog for when we take her back to Flagstaff with us, find out what these inocculations are... My dad was right when he said that this relationship was typically Arno: I always take the difficult route.

But she's worth it. :)