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Guess who's back in The Netherlands? That's right, Kayenta's mommy!

We have been tied up indeed! Beedoo!'s friend Andy once gave us a compliment: what he liked about our comic was that we updated. Well, since then we got a little preoccupied with Beedoo!'s trip back to The Netherlands. It's not so much the work part that gets to you as the worrying part, but all seems to be going well. :)

Kayenta seems more satisfied and at ease with Beedoo! here. I am gratified that she seems to regard me as someone she likes to see, but Beedoo! and her, they have a special bond that seems to energize her. But then, she's not the only one being energized. ;)

So, lots to do, still... We've been to the immigration services, handed in forms, been to the police to report her as living here, been to the city to report her as living with me (we got the information back to check for erros; she apparently now lives with me in Iceland?), so far so good. Now we wait for our application for a permanent residency permit to be evaluated.

But the most important thing is: she's back to stay. Let the good times begin.

Since Arno's post, we have received a letter indicating that I have indeed been accepted, and that when my residence permit card is ready, I can come pick it up. We had another minor worry with it because they spelled my name as 'Christly' on the letter. I suppose I'll take it as a compliment. ;p I had to call the IND on my own (scary!) and make sure things were straightened out... apparantly it's all right in their system, and only the letter had a typo.

Meanwhile, I've been settling back into things here, doing chores around the house and playing computer games while Arno's at work, because he takes over once he gets home... we're also working on some logistics for not only getting a new computer for me, but for rearranging Arno's office room to accommodate me. After, or possibly while, we get that sorted out, we'll also be looking for a bicycle for me, so we can expand our territory, i.e., find more places to eat out.

Arno is pushing for more comics, so I suppose we'll be getting back into our every-other-day groove soon. (PS, what Andy said about liking that we updated, I said back o him, "Yeah, occasionally... not often enough!" to which he said, "No, I mean, AT ALL... a lot of comics I've been following go 'on hiatus' for a few weeks, or six months... or permanently..." Hopefully, we won't do that, else, I'll shift from doing SIAT to Mythicalls.