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I apologize in the delay of this blog, as I have been running around like a chicken with more than one head cut off, trying to get things settled here before I leave for the Netherlands. Exhausting procedure. Right now, I am trying to pare down the weight on my over-full suitcases. Shooting ideally for 45 lbs each, because I'm sure they'll tell me at the airport that they weigh more than 50 each. Douchebags.

Meanwhile, my impending departure for the Netherlands (tomorrow!) has spurred me into getting this blog done before I leave, as I'm sure we haven't had a full post in more than three weeks. This is due to a combination of being lazy, tired, busy, and unmotivated. Once I'm back with Arno, and we're not spending all day trying to chat with each other/playing dragon Monopoly, we'll likely get back on track.

Anyway, I believe we've already discussed (or disgust) our food situations... but the long and short of is it, Arno's a very picky eater. It doesn't help me any that I can't seem to find basics of cooking like cornmeal, salsa, avocados that actually ripen, hominy, or various other Southwestern staple foods. I am actually bringing a jar of coriander seeds so I can attempt to grow cilantro for myself.

Also, I'm looking for good recipes to try on the picky dragon here. Our guestbook is up and working, though only Renee has posted in it--thanks, Renee! You're our only reader! :( --so if you've got a good one to share, you can leave it in there for us! Thanks!

Okay, yes, yes, I'm here! I'm alive. For those of you who read this for the first time months later, I absolutely did not wait WEEKS to write this post. At all. No.

Anyway, what can I say? Beedoo! is right about me being a picky eater. Still, I'm glad to have her cook for me. It at least broadens my horizons somewhat. For instance, a few days ago we had Probably Lasagna that was pretty good, and the pasta with beef stroganof was heavenly! I do my best...

I wish to point out, though, that the above picture is a gross misrepresentation of my character. I would never, and I mean never do a thing like that! Giving the dog your food can only lead to more begging, after all...

As the above infers, Beedoo! is back with me now. More on that in the upcoming comics!

By the way, Probably Lasagna is probably an accurate description of the meal. Arno calls me during the day a couple times, while he is on break and usually before he gets ready to leave. On this occasion, he asked me what I was going to make for dinner, and I said, "Probably lasagna," which sparked a series of jokes between us, including things like, "Next week I'll be making It Might Be Meatloaf. or I Don't Know What It Is, Eat It Anyway." The jokes being made, I set out to make lasagna, half with a leftover hamburger patty and half with steamed broccoli for me (veggie lasagna!).

I had never made lasagna before, despite my love of Garfield and Friends.

Overall, it tasted pretty good, but with my inexperience with making lasagna, we ended up wih a pan of sauce and cheese, with one layer of pasta in it. o.0 For one thing, the sauce was much too chunky, as was the pre-shredded cheese we got at the supermarket, which basically formed back into a lump by the time I got to it. Arno also has no deep baking dishes, which I need to remedy. With the second layer of sauce and cheese, I made a last-ditch attempt to get more pasta in, layering it over the top. I kind of knew this would just turn hard and inedible once I put it in the oven, but I figured I would hazard it anyway, trying to get one more layer of pasta on it... I ended up picking the hardened pieced off later and throwing them out.

I also found a recipe (after the fact) that said "DON'T cook the lasagna noodles!" That would have been good to know before I started... So now I know. I'll have to try for real lasagna at a later date.