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I am willing to concede that I have some talents. Sadly, though, planning is not one of them. I remember that, the first time Beedoo! was here, we planned to go to Amsterdam, go to the Anne Frank House, and then to the Rijksmuseum where the famous Night Watch is kept. So we got up late, as we tended to do, slowly got ready, arrived in nearby Amsterdam after 1PM, paid an emotionally difficult visit to the Anne Frank House and then ended up at the entrance of the Rijksmuseum 15 minutes before closing time. Whoops.

And then there is the fact that whenever you make an appointment for me to show up at 5PM, I'll be there 5:30 sharp; I strongly suspect that my family always subtracts 30 minutes whenever they tell me when to see them.

And why do you think it takes days for Beedoo!'s comics to show up here; days after she drew them!?

I cannot plan.

And what I love about Beedoo! is that she seems to be the same way. I may be late to arrive at every occasion, but at least I'll always be in good company. :)

I'd like to contest here that I am always on time when I'm NOT around Arno. I'm quite punctual... however, my mother is not, and she is often the reason for us being late when we're together... so being late around Arno is nothing out of the ordinary for me.

As for this picture being so late, I will say I have been busy/otherwise occupied. I was supposed to do another comic entirely for today, which will probably be the next one instead, but this seemed more fitting, and easier for me to wrap my head around. But even though I had this scene clearer in my mind than the other comic, I still had a hard time with it. I drew it out, then decided I needed to change Arno's legs (too skinny and positioned wrong), and needed to look up references for cast-iron gates, whereupon I realized how late it was, and had to go to bed. Then it took me hours to draw in the gate, and tried to mirror it on the second side (you can probably guess which is which...). After that, I thought once again that I was done, only to look at it right before scanning and decided there needed to be some kind of background beyond the gate, especially since it is supposed to be see-through.

When I sent this to Arno, he immediately recognized the entrance to the Efteling, so I assume I drew it well enough for anyone who has seen it to recognize it... but many of our readers probably have not. It is a big, very dark, very forboding structure with three tall peaks which seem to reach toward you. It definitely leaves an impression! We're not sure that it actually has a cast-iron gate, much less with a sign written in English hung over it, but we rather suspect it does, and that there are two people hidden behind the trees on either side, tying to keep the dragons out. ;p

By the way, we have a new counter and guestbook, so please sign! More on this next post!