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As our loyal readers should know by now, Kayenta is staying with me, while Beedoo! is back in the United States. And so, Kayenta and I need to get used to each other.

I've never been a dog owner. My thing has been parakeets; that is what we grew up with. Parakeets are awesome, by the way, very social, very active, and they produce a lot of happy noise. But they are not dogs. They require different care and communicate in different ways. Not that I am completely unaccustomed to dogs. My grandparents had a dog named Blackie, who I loved as a kid. I was heartbroken when Blackie was run over by a car. My other grandparents had a dog too, Seba, but he'd grown up in a different family where kids abused him, and so wasn't really friendly or even entirely safe towards children.

Kayenta and I are still working on learning how to communicate with each other. We're getting there, but my main problem is that I am not really harsh enough to be a natural alpha. And, of course, sometimes Kayenta is just naughty.

This week has been an especially bad week for her: first I woke up early and caught her on the couch. Not allowed! She was so terrified at being found out that she peed on it before slinking off! Then, later that day, while bringing her back from my parents, she ran after a cat, earning her more bad girls.

Lastly, yesterday, she ran after another cat, only this time the leash got pressed against a sharp object and cut in half. To her credit, she immediately stopped and waited for me, but she still got an earful. I can tell she hates when that happens, but I can also tell she still sleeps on the couch, so...

Normally she spends the time I'm at work at my parents' place, who have been absolutely fantastic in taking care of her in my absense. I'm sure I can thank them enough, but it'd take a while... Today, however, my parents went out to the zoo, so I felt I had to come home early from work to keep Kayenta from being lonely too long.

Next weekend we're going to look for a better bed for her, to compete with the couch. And buy a new leash...

If you read about this week, you'd think Kayenta is a lot of trouble, but she's not, really. She's a pretty cheerful and easy-going dog, overall, and we generally seem to get along. But I think we'd both do better if her mommy came back here soon. ;)

Incidentally, this is a very good rendition of Kayenta, and a pretty good one of my living room, despite Beedoo! having no references around.

Kayenta's never been a very bad dog... She was about 6 months old when I got her from the pound, and was mostly housebroken (she peed on the carpet once, as she did at Arno's apartment, before she figured out where the appropriate place to go was), learned to sit and lie down almost instantly, as well as other tricks which she picked up very quickly. She's quite smart, but since I allowed her on my furniture, she doesn't quite understand why she isn't allowed on Arno's.

I don't know what it is with cats, though, especially since she has lived with a couple of them before. Cats outside of her territory are possibly more likely to freak out at her presence and catch her attention than calm cats, I think, and a panicky cat is more fun to chase. Aside of the inherent instinct to chase cats, Kayenta may also think this is a game, as she played chase-around with my parents' beagles, her "cousins."

Arno, meanwhile, has been beside himself worrying that Kayenta will start to fear him because he's been scolding her so much. I don't think this will affect the dog much in the long run, as she's loyal to a fault and very sociable and loving... she'll just try that much harder to get back in Arno's good graces. I think Arno is assigning more human emotions to Kayenta than she is actually having, empathetic guy that he is. He is, however, probably right that Kayenta's going to explode when I come back to her. *l*