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Okay, this took forever to appear on the website, and that is completely my fault. Well, at least completely yo the point where it took ten days to put this up, with the last four days being taken up by me forgetting to actually get to it. It's not like it's a huge amount of effort either...

So, we are all over each other, eh? Well, in a sense... Obviously we are not all over each other right now, because an ocean lies between us, so we're not really close enough for that. But in the broader, more phisolophical sense, we obviously are. We are all over each other in spirit. Or, maybe our spirits are all over each other. Or we're all over each other's spirits, but that just sounds messy...

I notice that whenever Beedoo! has to draw a big dragon Arno, he ends up kind of small. Maybe because her mind's eye can only see me as a cute little thing? ;)

Arno is responsible for this post being late, but I am likewise bad for leaving the post so long... granted, I had a yard sale to attend, and before that, scramble to find stuff for, and afterward took two days to visit Andy, since I won't be able to this weekend (due to D&D game) when everyone else in the world is coming to visit him. Poo. So, yeah. I've been kinda busy.

There's this whole dwindling motivation thing going on too with me... The less I see of Arno, the less I get accomplished. Or at least, that's what I want to say, because we do end up wasting a awful lot of time with each other online... Me, with no set schedule, I'm kind of adrift, and so I'm still kind of adhering to Arno's schedule for onlineyness... unfortunately, this occupies me for the better part of the morning and afternoon in Flagstaff time... and I get little done in the remains of the day, because by 3:00, there may as well be nothing left of the day. :\ (But I HAVE been up to a few side projects in the meantime...)

I always seem to want to have ALL of Arno in the shot, and that means he's often smaller than I actually intend him to be. o.0 In this case, I needed nis front claws and tail in for the effect... and the lederhosen were hard enough to draw THAT small on Beedoo!.

Arno has always been the kind of dragon people like to climb on, probably because he's the kind of personality you can walk all over. ;p

By the way, here is some ambience for this picture.

Price is Right Cliffhangers Yodeling Song sound bite