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We may be apart now, but that doesn't mean we're out of stories to tell. This particular comic refers to our trip to Reno, where we met up with a bunch of other people:

From left to right: Star, Robert, Delphine, Kessalia, little Kyari, Beedoo! with Riptide, and Jade Griffin.

With the exception of Star and little Kyari, Jade Griffin's little girl, all these people are in a friendly group that calls themselves "The Arcadia Clan" for reasons too convoluted to go into. We stayed at a Day's Inn, which is not the kind of hotel I'm used to when it comes to gatherings of any sort. Up until this point I had always been at the hotels arranged by the Gathering of the Gargoyles, or, in 2009, by the Discworld Convention in Tempe, Arizona (The Turtle Moves!). The Day's Inn was a step below what I have come to associate with these things.

Still, in the end I was pretty pleased, not in the last place because they were good enough to give us two adjoining rooms, connected by a door. This allowed us to just waltz into each other's room and invade each other's privacy at will, which was especially terrific since Beedoo! and I shared a corner room with Star, meaning that no one had a reason to cut through -our- room, really...

Meeting up with the Arcadia Clan was fun. One member who wasn't there, however, was MAui. She has invited us to come spend some Arcadia time in Toronto next year, in may, where the big event will be her wedding. We'll just have to see, now won't we...

The picture Beedoo! drew of the Day's Inn is actually pretty accurate, though I think they patched up the giant gaping hole pretty neatly by now...

Arno thought he was doing a lot of extra work by making a little picture for the mini-Arcadians... Meanwhile, I've been holding off posting until I could finish a whole other project for it, namely, the 2010 Badges page. I started drawing these as sort of a whim while I was still in the Netherlands.

The concept of the Arcadians wearing sheep costumes was one that I've been holding onto for a few years now... I think the one time I proposed it for badges a couple years ago, it only got me weird looks. At some point during our discussion of con plans for this year, Jade Griffin brought up that we should do something for badges, at which I had to break my silence... I was going to bring these as a surprise for everyone. At this news, JG enthusiastically replied, "I love that you did that!" So I feel fully justified.

They came out very cute, but I'm sad that the wooly texture didn't come through very well, since it gave me carpal-tunnel drawing it. I think Kess's is my favorite. Everyone got their own in a 2" button. I had mine pinned to my hat when we went tubing, and did take a tumble in the river, so I'm hoping they won't rust!