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Beedoo! finished this drawing on the night before the day I left for home, but I didn't find the energy to post it until several days later. That's right, I'm back home, and so is she, meaning we are both a continent apart again. Still, I got a lot out of it: love, friendship, a promise for her to come back, and her dog. Kayenta is still here, lying beside me cleaning herself. She wasn't allowed to go home on account of insane temperatures in Phoenix.

And so I am here, and Beedoo! is there, and we're going to have to work on our paperwork to get her here permanently. Which is a scary thing in itself: will she be able to stand it here for long periods of time? Will she be happy? Will I be a decent partner? What if we can't make it work?

But for now, I'll be missing her... By about 5400 miles.

The weirdest thing about not being with Arno any more: I have completely lost track of time. I have no schedule, so I have no bounds in what I do with my time... So often, I end up doing nothing. Well, nothing being playing games all day. I have been pretty good about drawing new strips for this, as it is my only anchor in time. Despite knowing that I have to do things, like get a Single Status Declaration, and that I have to buy myself shampoo, and clean out my closets for a yard sale (everything I'm not taking or intend to take to the Netherlands), etc, etc, etc, procrastination has set in in a major way, and I have yet to get anything done. I suppose it doesn't help that I am also back to talking with Arno online about 5 hours in the mornnigs/afternoons, and again at night.

Also, I think he's worrying needlessly (as usual), and neglecting my ability to be happy in most settings. ;p