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Please note: the above comic was made with lower quality tools. We appologise for any lack of quality.

All good things must come to an end, and so must we. We always knew that Beedoo!'s visit to my home and country would be temporary, just 2 months and a bit, and here we are... Time for Beedoo! to go back home. We're not done, though; I am coming with her!

As I type this, I have already spent a lot of time in Arizona with Beedoo!; in fact, in a few days I will leave. We have left the Sitting In A Tree comic somewhat neglected, but with a firm intent to catch up. Expect several comics about our adventures in Arizona and Nevada, and how we will eventually part.

The flight itself, incidentally, was incredibly boring. I am glad I had Beedoo! with me; at least we could be bored together...

Arno's right about the trip to America, which was gruelling. I attempted to watch two movies during the flight, Alice In Wonderland and Clash of the Titans, and wasn't thrilled with either. I also attempted to play some of the flight's "video games," which basically consisted of Reversi, a Pac-Man knock-off with a caveman, and Bejeweled. The Cave-Pacman was addictive only in the sense that it would normally be too hard to fail a level, but with the seat's remote/controller, the caveman handled like a cow in a shopping trolley (to steal words from Yahtzee Croshaw). The controls were not very responsive, and my natural reaction to ill-response is to push on it harder. (So not only was a bored by now, but I also had a gouged-up thumb from that damned button!)

I've noticed, now that I'm back in the States, that I'm heading toward all my favorite eateries and since getting back, I've already gained 5 lbs. Need to get back to my DDR and start walking my parents' dogs the way I walk Kayenta! o.0