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Sometimes a picture scans very poorly, and I don't know how to fix it. This is one of those pictures; it looks so much better in its original state...

Things aren't as bad as the picture depicts, but there is a definite difference in the way Beedoo! and I deal with cleaning. This is the most apparent in the frequency in which I do my housework, which is more frequent than Beedoo! is accustomed to. And so I drag her into all sorts of cleaning chores when she could have been having fun...

Still, I think we compromised fairly well: I've learned to accept that my place will simply be a lot messier than it used to be now that it has two dragons and a dog in it. Hey, at least it's also a lot more fun!

Kayenta's copious amounts of shed doghair show up very well on Arno's light-colored wooden floor, and gather into dustbunnies very quickly. These irritate me more than any other slightly dusty or cluttered area around Arno's house, and I often en up sweeping the house twice a week or more, just to get rid of it all! Nonetheless, I am going to really miss my dog, who is staying in the Netherlands while I go home. This is due to a couple things we didn't count on, one being that airlines will not fly animals to any area where the temperature is highter than 85 degrees F; and the other, I need time to acquire a residence permit for the Netherlands, but inthe meantime am not allowed to stay inthe Netherlands any longer because I'm right on the boundary of being kicked out, due to a rule about not being able to stay in the Schegen area (Northern Europe) more than 3 months in a 6-month period. So dog stays, I go home dogless and wait for things to happen. This is gonna suck. And now Arno will have to clean up after her himself! (or, she'll be staying with his parents, who are home more during the week, and they will have the same problem passed on to them. o.0)