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I'm generally not a sports person... I'm one of those people that watches the Superbowl to see the commercials; the football is just filler. But here, since the Dutch soccer team is doing so well, it's hard NOT to get caught up in the celebration. Arno first brought it to my attenton that the Netherlands had made it into the pool of the top eight teams, and if they won, the Oranje team would move on to the quarter-finals. (The last time Holland has made it to the finals, btw, was 1978, so not even in my lifetime!) So we watched the game, cheered when Holland won against Japan, and watched the mad celebrations break out, with copious amounts of orange, be it lions, fuzzy bugs, or really loud vuvuselas and fireworks left over from New Year's. Following that match, there was a rather pointless match against Camaroon, who had alredy been knocked out of the standings, but a good game nonetheless (but people who watch soccer more frequently than I do said it was a lousy game. ;p ) After that, we (we?) faced off against slovakia, followed by Brazil in the quarter finals... each game becomng more and more intense, and each win producing more and more noise outside our building! Now, the blinding orange Dutch team is up against Spain for the Finals.... and Arno and I won't be anywhere we can watch the game, as we will be in Maricopa for a D&D session the night before, and probably won't be back to Flagstaff in time for kickoff at 11:30... we'll have to watch the recorded game instead... we both kinda think this is hokey, though. Not the same as watching it live.

Arno was hoping fervently that we would (and alternatively, wouldn't) face up with Germany. The Holocaust, he tells me, is water under the bridge compared to the hatred generated by Germany beating the Netherlands in the 1974 World Cup. (Netherlands has only made it into the finals two other times, 1974 and 1978, and were beaten both times.) As we watched the Germany vs Spain match, though, his allegiance shifted, and he started cheering for the Germans to win, even though Spain would likely be the easier opponent to beat. Not to be so, as a certain octopus predicted (an odd form of divination, in which an octopus (owned by a German pub owner) was allowed to select between the flags of Germany and whoever they were up against next. Up until tonight, it always chose Germany, and they always won. Tonight, it picked Spain. Maybe it just likes the colors. Or cephalopods know something we don't. o.0


It's going to be very hard to be able to find a way to watch that match next sunday, but I'm going to do my best. I'm bringing orange clothing to wear, and will hope my little heart out for our team...

Mind you, I could probably save myself a lot of effort by watching the octopus instead. Christy tells me it picked Spain as the winner. You're going down, octopus! And Spain, of course...