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UNSPOILER WARNING: Unless you are new to Sitting In A Tree, all of the following links are 100% recycled!

This comic is almost entirely true to the letter, with the exception of us being tiny and sitting in little space ships. Beedoo! and I are from different worlds in almost every sense of the word. For instance, she is a woman, and I am not. This is an important difference that we are going to have to deal with in our relationship. After all, as a woman she has feminine hygene, and as a man I have none.

But there are other differences as well: she is from the huge, high, pointy and dry land of Arizona, and I am from the tiny, flat, low and soggy land of The Netherlands. She has an American world view, I have a correct Dutch one. She likes eating out (and yappy little dog owners), I am more of the stay at home and out of trouble variety. She coughs, I sneeze, she belches, I fart, she likes to cook, I can barely heat a potato...

But more remarkable than our differences are the things we have in common. We share a sense of humour, we both recycle, neither of us is really good at socializing and we're both falling apart at the seams.

But most importantly, we like being around each other. I'll take the occasional disagreement on the morality of eating people over being apart any day.

I think this can be summed up with a bad song parody...

This land is your land,
That land is my land,
You have flat, wet, low land,
I'm from hot, dry high land...

So, yeah, Arno's summed up most everything, as usual, in many more words (and links) than actually needed. I've come to cope with this. ;p Generally, he talks about four times as much as I do, and I'm good with that, because I usually have nothing to say. So it all works out. We mesh well because we strike a very good balance... we have lots in common, and some things completely opposite... so if C= commonality and o+ = opposite to o-, and o- = opposite to o+, then it follows that C + o+ + o- = C . Got it?

Oooh, math!

That turns me on so bad!