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Kayenta had a little trouble adapting to the new sleeping hours we were keeping once we moved in here, and that's where this comic stems from. She has since gotten the pattern down, of course, and probably faster than either of us. She has also had to cope with not being allowed on the sofa anymore, and not being allowed up on the bed except in certain times when she has been invited... or when one of us has left the bed, in which case, she occasionally invites herself up. It is harder to catch her in the act if she get up on the couch, because the lock on the door takes a long time to open... four twists of the wrist, accompanied by a lot of unlocking sounds, so this alerts her before we ever get in and she greets us at the door. Our only indication that she's been somewhere she should not be is the hair left on the sofa. We have taken to putting a blanket on it to catch the hair, just in case.

Did you notice something different about this comic? I moved the caption from the bottom to the top. It works better this way, and now we are finally a true rip-off of Fokke en Sukke!

So, Kayenta... I like Kayenta. Like Beedoo! said, early on she had some trouble with knowing where the bounderies lie, but nowadays she's got them down pretty well. Now it's up to me to know where the dog lies, though; this morning I rather spectacularly stumbled over her in the dark, trampling her in the proces. The bizare thing was: she was so happy to be trampled by me, wagging her tail and everything! And then there was that one time when I woke up with my lips up against her wet, wet nose...

Maybe she likes me!