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Just to clarify, this is a hypothetical argument bewteen us. We have not really had so much as a difference of opinion so far. But, seeing as neither of us go halfway on anything, I imagine it would be quite high in volume if we ever DID fight.

This picture gave me quite a lot of trouble, especailly with the positioning of Arno's arms and hands. I suppose I can chalk that up to being a bit sick today... a sore throat can really mess up your sense of proportion and concentration. o.0

First off, happy birthday, mom! From both of us! Imagine this picture is really us singing to you...

Now, obviously, this picture is about one of our major points of contention: eating people and little yappy dogs. I am of the strong opinion that eating people is MURDER, but Beedoo! does not appreciate the hyperbole. I guess we'll have to learn to agree to disagree...

So far, we have been doing pretty well with compromising. I suspect the real test will still have to come, though. Beedoo! and I don't always share the same political or world views, I think, and perhaps one day we'll be throwing pans or plates or pillows at each other in disagreement (I'm hoping for the pillows...), screaming at the top of our lungs about how the other is completely and willfully wrong, no, choosing to be wrong, callously ignoring reason... But hopefully we are better than that. In the end, I think it is important to realise that your partner is not simply an extension of yourself, but a human being with a brain of his or her own. I don't think everyone realises that.

Now, let's see if I can compromise on playing my game for the rest of this evening...