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I was happy to find on this trip to the Netherlands that recycling had been expanded... There are large underground bins (with dumpster-sized bins like this one above ground, or a bit smaller, like a wide newspaper stand) in many easily accessible spots around Haarlem. They recycle most plastics, cardboard and paper, and glass. The only thing lacking is a bin for metal. I've found myself with a number of empty tin cans, wondering what to do with them, occasionally rinsing them out and leaving them on the counter, as if this would somehow create a place for them to go, but alas, no metal bin has been made as yet. I still think Flagstaff's recycling is bit better, where everything but glass goes into a bin for curbside pickup, and glass can be dropped off at locations around town.

Arno has been going on and on about wanting to do something good for people, and wanting to go "superheroing." So here we are, in superhero garb. Be thankful world, we're doing this for you.

Greetings, good citizens of the world! Today I wish to speak to you on the subject of good and evil. As we all know, we must avoid evil at all costs, but it is equally important to do good in this world. Now, we cannot all soar through the sky and fight evil with amazing heat-breath, like Dragon-Dame and I. Nor do we all possess X-Ray scent, or super fast hearing. Yet, there is something we can all do to make this world a better place: minimize the ways in which we all make it a worse place!

Now, we all know that recycling can be a chore at times. The Dragon Cave itself is cluttered by three plastic bags in order to seperate all the recyclables. You too may have this problem! But persevere, good citizen! Persevere because as with superheroing and all other noble pursuits, in the end the world will be a better place for it, and all the collateral damage will have been worth it, no matter what the litigation lawyers say!

So fight on, good citizen! You too can be a hero!

*blinks* On a side note, the Arnonator is not allowed to have sugar before bedtime anymore.