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Beedoo! has owned, for some time, a pair of discs called "RosettaStone language learning". With it she learns Dutch at an admirable rate. She is, for instance, now capable of pointing out persons of various genders and sizes and remark on the colour and type of their clothing without using any English at all! Nevertheless, learning a new language is hard, and in the end a matter of trial and embarrassment that I'm sure she will go through very quickly. And really, could it be more embarrassing than me forgetting to switch back to Dutch after speaking to her on the phone from work, leaving me to speak English to my colleagues? Hurry up, Beedoo!!

Incidentally, some people may infer from the above image that I am, in fact, evil. This is, of course, not the case. Beedoo! is evil, a character flaw which I have learned to overlook in the name of love. I, however, am not. Now, this comic was actually produced in two panels, the first of which takes place before the one shown above, and I think it will make my point quite succinctly:

Or, in handy flowchart form:

The above flow chart can be printed out and put it in your wallet, so that in the event of dragon, you will always make the correct decisions.

Arno has neglected to mention that I can also say the names of several animals and basic shapes in Dutch, and their sizes relative to each other. Dutch is, at the very least, somewhat structurally similar to English, except when it's not, and many of the words are similar to either English or Spanish, so it's good that I know a little of both. Japanese hasn't been much help, except when providing bits of trivia to Arno about the anime we've been watching. ;p

As to the above images, I drew them as a set, and Arno insisted on splitting them up for sake of humor. Did he do it right, or do you think this is just an excuse to type more than me yet again? I found it necessary to draw Beedoo! attacking and Arno going "No!" in order to get the expressions right for doing the second comic and punchline... hence the sort-of strained look on both Arno and Beedoo!'s faces. So there you go, two for the price of one, which was free anyway. Enjoy your free portion of extra electrons. ;)

Also, I miss my light-box, which is still in AZ. I used to feel sorry for the people who had to draw those "spot the differences" panels, because it's so hard to draw the same thing twice in the exact same way as before. It never occurred to me that these things could be Photoshopped, nor does it occur to me to use such a program when I draw, much in the same way as I never remember that medicines exist when I'm sick or in pain.

Arno wants me to say something contesting the fact that he is calling me evil. I am not JUST evil, I am Chaotic Awesome, but I would like to point out that the real issue here is that humans are yummy, so it's their own fault, really.