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Kayenta grew up knowing only the limited freedom of a six-foot leash and a backyard or two to run around in. Arno and his family had the foresight to find and buy and 8-meter leash for her, since here only outside/run-around time is now three walks a day. She was confused at first about having to wait, and didn't understand the concept of going potty on the walks... Not knowing what else to do, the first day, we took her for a walk, and when we got home, she peed on the doormat.

The long leash has been a 90% blessing. I attribute the other 10% to her not realizing the length and yanking me along with her, wrapping us both up in it, and having to teach her "go around" when she takes the wrong route around a tree or lamppost.

The picture shown here is an exaggeration (for instance: we are not actually dragons), but still grounded in truth: a walk with Kayenta involves constant vigilance against being tripped over by a wayward leash. The leash is a good investment, though: it allows her the freedom to roam around a little bit, while restricting her freedom to run off in front of a car. This is particularly a good thing because apparently her type of dog is an active dog, who is ill-fitted for a apartment or condo, like the one I own. Making sure she gets to go on a long walk with the long leash every day makes sure that her energy has somewhere to go.

Kayenta is quite possibly an Appenzeller Sennenhund, or something close to it. If you did not know this, then take comfort in the fact that neither did we (or Kayenta, for that matter). The vet whom we brought Kayenta to after her trip to The Netherlands, for a check-up, recognised the signs and dug up a book with a very Kayenta-ish looking Appenzeller Sennenhund. Turns out our little pauper may in fact be a princess! (This has, alas, not improved her manners, such as farting in public.)

She did pee on the doormat the first day she was here, but it's understandable: she had spent a long time in her crate, keeping all her blankets clean and free of excrement. We had walked her, but I think she was too confused by her experiences to understand that she could unleash her bladder's burden, or perhaps she simply was not used to being walked. Naturally, we played the 'bad dog' card, but honestly, I mostly felt sorry for her.

Overall, I'm glad Kayenta is here. She keeps Beedoo! company during the day and gives us something regular to do, even if she does drop more hair than an epileptic barber.