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The weather here has been, well, rather abysmal. I am told, by folks who have experience living here, that it should not be this cold at this time of year. It should be getting sunny and nice by now, and wind should be blowing a gentle breeze off the sea. Instead, we're getting a rather violently cold wind from Scandanavia. Incidentally, it gets cold every time I show up here. o.0 Moisture in the air is not something I am used to dealing with, coming from an arid environment. Nor is my hair... I am searching for something to keep the frizz down as needed.

In other news, my weight is down to under 200 lbs now! This means that I've lost just over 17 lbs, from my peak at 217.8. Diet started last December. I'm also getting pretty good at calculating kgs to lbs because of Arno's European scale! Yays!

It has come to my attention that people from Arizona are wimps.