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Every year around April 30th, Queen's Day, the city of Haarlem has two carnivals, or 'kermissen' as we call them: a small one at the historical central square of the city, and a big one near my parents' house. Last year we went to the small one and sat in a device which sent us about 50m or so up in the air (or so it felt), and then spun us around real fast. This year, more level heads prevailed and we steered clear of that monstricity.

We did, however, go into some attractions at the big carnival: a number of rides that spin around real fast (but thankfully not very high), a fun house in which I hurt my leg rather stupidly (My leg's okay if I'm careful with it; hey, let's go into the fun house and jump on really fast conveyor belts!) and finally the big rollercoaster attraction, which was remarkably more terrifying than its seemingly dinky little size seemed to imply.

Maybe next year I'll go in the merry-go-round or something, if I still dare...

Admittedly, I like thrill rides. I had no problem with said spinny rides, or the roller coaster, or even the huge drop from the very tall ride last year. The fun house... oh, the "fun" house... was the bane of my existence. Fat people do not belong in funhouses... gravity takes weird turns there. While Arno was busy injuring himself, I managed to fall backward on one of said fast conveyor belts. The staff person escorting me was trying to hold me up from behind, but, like myself, found himself in a losing battle with gravity. We had the opportunity to go through again, and both decided that we'd just better steer clear rather than do ourselves any further harm. ;p