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Arno had the unfortunate luck to move into an area which was renamed St. Jorisveld; in English, St. George's Field. We do, in fact, have a large grassy area in front of the building we are in. Under this area is a parking garage, otherwise known as the Beedoo!-feeding-ground. The neighbors from the surrounding buildings get together on St George's Day (or at least a Saturday near the date... or they'll just move the get-together to a weekend with better weather, as was the case this year) for picnics, music and socializing. Arno and I, being less than social people, were content to go do out grocery shopping and then spend the rest of the day inside, avoiding the commotion. ;p

First of all, I'd like to thank my parents, without whom I possibly may not have been born. I'd also like to thank Beedoo!, who turned me into the frightening and misunderstood beast that I am today. This award goes out to all of them.

Indeed we did not actually join in any of the festivities. I am all for socialising, so long as it's other people doing it. They are welcome to it, and I don't look down on it, but it's not really much for me. I prefer to keep myself to myself most of the time.

And it seems that in Beedoo!, I have been lucky enough to find a soulmate there.