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Only Stone on the Outside

by Dreamsinger


Only Stone on the Outside

a Slayers fanfic

by Dreamsinger


I do not own this terrific series; I just wish I did.. Please let me know if you'd like to print or archive my story, though, just 'cause I like to know people are interested.

Many thanks to my friends Shell Presto and Marie!

PG-13 for nudity and lime-i-ness

Chapter Sixty-Four: An Electrifying Encounter

Amelia had just undressed and was putting up her hair to go join Lina for a bath when she heard the bedroom door begin to open. Oh! She gave her yukata robe a panicky glance, but it was on the other side of the room past both of the beds. She hesitated a bit too long, then decided, The door, then!

She made a frantic dash toward it around the nearest bed with her hand outstretched to push the door closed just as Zelgadis, wearing nothing but a tiny white towel around his hips, came around it.

He froze at the sight of the nude princess running toward him, her large breast bouncing, momentarily hypnotizing him. The next thing he knew she had tripped over Shiran's lavender bulk and was hurtling toward him in mid-air, a terrified look on her face. Instinctively he dropped everything he was carrying, shoved the door closed to get it out of the way and tried to catch her as she fell, but he was a split second too late. She crashed into him, knocking him down, her hands taking most of the impact as they hit his bare chest.

Several people in the dining hall below looked up in annoyance at the loud thumping going on upstairs. "What are they doing up there, moving furniture?" one man grumbled.

Shiran gave the couple a quick glance as if to make sure they were all right, then put her head back down on her paws.

Both Zelgadis and Amelia lay frozen, their bare bodies pressed together. Amelia seemed somewhat stunned, and distracted by the pain of the bruises she must have gotten from him, especially in places where he had extra stones, but Zelgadis was stunned for a different reason. Her generous bosom was resting directly in front of his eyes, close enough to touch. He felt a little short of breath, although that might have been because Amelia had managed to hit him hard enough to knock it out of him.

Oww, Amelia thought, that hurt. She lay still for a moment getting her bearings, when suddenly the hard surface under her moved. Amelia stiffened, remembering who she was lying on, feeling bare smooth stone rubbing her body, as well as rougher bumpy places that must be his extra stones. She froze as all of her attention became focused on the sensations from her skin, which began to tingle wherever it touched him, especially when he breathed.

Blue eyes met teal ones.

"I'm sorry!" she cried, and suddenly Amelia was trying to untangle herself from him. He had somehow managed to embrace her to him during his unsuccessful attempt at catching her, and with his somewhat dulled mind it took him a moment to figure out what was wrong. "Ow," she mumbled involuntarily as her tender skin was pinched.

"Oh! Sorry." He released her, and she slid off of him and got to her feet, backing away from him. "I didn't mean to walk in on you," he apologized hastily, averting his gaze and blushing like crazy. "Are you all right? Did I hurt you?"

"I'm fine," she said slowly. "I... didn't mean to... knock you down," She didn't sound like herself. He glanced at her from the corner of his eyes and realized that she was staring at him.

Is that his-? It is! Amelia found herself fascinated at the sight.

As Zelgadis sat up he followed her line of sight and realized that his towel had come off in the fall, leaving him fully exposed. "Gods!" He covered himself with his hands, then let go with one hand and tried to pull the towel over himself, but since he was sitting on most of it he only got a tiny corner. He growled, fisted the towel in his hand and gave a monstrous yank, realizing only after he heard a loud tearing sound that he'd been too flustered to remember to shift his weight off of it in time.

As he sat there, mortified, covering himself with one hand and dangling a strip of white towel from the other, his face almost lavender, he heard Amelia begin to giggle. He looked up to see her standing there with both hands over her mouth, trying to smother her laughter but failing miserably. She seemed to have forgotten that she was naked, or maybe she'd decided it didn't matter since he'd already seen her body, because she didn't try to use her hands to hide any part of herself from him.

Chimera or not, Zelgadis was still male. He took a good, long, guilty look at Amelia, his eyes traveling over her softly rounded curves, admiring the way she bounced when she laughed.

Yet he noticed that for all her apparent mirth, she was trembling slightly. When his eyes reached her face again they both blushed, but her merriment was contagious and Zelgadis actually found himself chuckling at the ridiculous scene they made, both buck naked, with himself sitting on the floor with a useless shred of towel in one hand and his other covering his male attributes.

How is it that her laughter always makes me feel better? She can make even the worst situations seem okay. She doesn't even seem to mind that I'm looking at her... Then the part of himself that he was covering began to react to her enticing nearness, embarrassing him further.

"I'm sorry," Amelia said again, visibly trying to stop laughing. "It's just... I've never seen you look so undignified... " Her smile faded as her expression became sympathetic. "Here, let me get your clothes."

Zelgadis' heartbeat was suddenly loud in his ears as his eyes widened, following her every movement as she came closer and then knelt beside him where he still sat on the floor. His new clothes were less than an arm's length away-he'd been so freaked out that the idea of using his clothing to cover himself hadn't even occurred to him. Then again, if he had, they might have ended up like the towel...

Amelia's own heart was pounding at her own bravado. What am I doing? I've never acted like this before, walking around naked in front of a man. She felt oddly twitchy, and fought the urge to cover herself with her hands, fully aware of his nearness. It was sort of scary, to openly allow him see her body like this, but also sort of exciting-and secretly she was pleased at his obvious admiration. I'll get dressed in a minute... but first I'll help him. He always acts as if he's really ashamed of his body; he keeps it so covered up all the time, even though he has no need to. It's a beautiful body.

She had seen it once before, but at the time they'd been in the midst of a battle with a mazoku; plus he'd been wearing underwear at the time. Now the princess kept remembering how his body had felt just moments ago, sliding against hers with only the extra stones marring his perfectly smooth stone skin.

Zelgadis could smell her skin. It was a familiar scent, especially after last night; a comforting, yet exciting aroma. Her splendid breasts moved in graceful arcs as she leaned over and retrieved the bundle of clothing, then turned to look at him.

As she held the clothes out to him some of her usual shyness seemed to return. She glanced down at his body, then back to his face, then down again out of the corners of her eyes, and then looked away, blushing in a way that he found even more endearing than her laughter. "I'm sorry; I didn't mean to stare."

The stone man couldn't help smiling a little; already he was getting used to her nudity. She's still Amelia, with or without clothes. "That's all right. I've seen you, too." He hesitated, realizing that she was disregarding her own discomfiture in favor of his. I can't imagine another girl who would act this way toward me, as if being naked in front of a man-especially one who looks like me-didn't make her nervous.

It made him want to reciprocate her generosity. "I suppose it's only fair."

Timidly she gazed at him as he took the pile of clothing from her and set it on his knees-using both hands-fighting the feeling of being exposed, vulnerable. He tried not to blush at her wide-eyed gaze at his lower anatomy, knowing that he had grown somewhat in the last few moments.

Zelgadis tried to act casual as he fumbled through the clothes, trying to decide what to put on first. The pants-no, the tunic. Is it long enough... ? He kept being distracted by her nearness, and finally just seized the light blue tunic and shook it out, then slipped it over his head. He realized as he pulled it down over his body that it lacked the extra material around his neck that he'd used as a mask, but otherwise it fit perfectly.

Amelia was still looking down, although the tunic was indeed long enough to cover his nether region, but she looked up as he got his feet under him and stood up. The raven-haired princess seemed content to watch as he pulled the blue pants on, one leg at a time, tucking himself in and fastening the snap with a sharp click.

Her gaze traveled up to his face as he smoothed the tunic down over his hips. Suddenly she blinked and bounced to her feet, literally. "Oh, I'm sorry-I never thought to get you any underwear! They didn't have any at the kiosk, but I could have looked for- "

"I'm fine," he reassured her.

She quieted, looking him up and down. "You look really good," she offered finally, smiling shyly at him.

"Thank you," he responded automatically. "You, too."

As yet another fetching blush colored her cheeks he realized what he'd said. "Um, with or without clothes. That is, you always look good, no matter-I mean-"

She giggled again, stopping him from making even more of a fool of himself. He smiled back at her, enjoying the view as she turned and made her way to the other bed where a pink yukata robe lay waiting for her. She picked it up, then looked at him and hesitated. "I... really should go down to the bath. Miss Lina will be wondering what happened."

He was pleased that she seemed reluctant to leave his company, and even more pleased that she didn't seem to feel the need to hurry to get dressed. Her trust in him was gratifying-and delightful. "Go ahead," he said in a soft tone that said that he understood, but that he would be sorry to see her leave.

As she slid her arms into the large sleeves and tied the front closed, he smiled and added impulsively, "I'm just glad it was you and not Lina."

Amelia looked at him in surprise. He laughed quietly, somehow finding it easy to do, as if his inhibitions had been stripped away along with his clothes. "She's not as forgiving as you are."

"Oh-I thought you meant-because she doesn't have big-I mean-" The poor girl was getting all red in the face, stumbling over her words.

Her embarrassment was adorable. "That, too," he said, and winked at her, suddenly rediscovering the sense of humor he'd used last night to cheer her up.

Amelia blushed harder, gave him a quick, bashful smile and fled the room. The stone man stared after her for a long time with a broad smile on his face. She is so cute.

"So what did it feel like?" Lina asked as they sat together in the steaming-hot pool.

"What?" Amelia was flustered, thinking about what had just happened between her and Zelgadis. She had just finished healing the bruises she'd gotten from Zelgadis during their unexpected, though exhilarating, encounter while she was in the water-closet so that Lina wouldn't see them and jump to the wrong conclusions-or the right ones.

"Last night. Sleeping with Zelgadis."

"We-we didn't sleep together-" Her face could hardly get any redder, but it tried.

Lina gave her a sardonic look. "I didn't think so, but I meant-well, what was it like?"

Amelia relaxed, realizing that Lina had not suddenly acquired the power of mind reading. "It was wonderful." Her eyes began to shine with remembered fondness. "After he told me-you know-I was feeling awful and he looked just as bad, and I wanted to hug him to make him feel better but he was holding himself back-you know, the way he always does-so I told him, 'come over here and comfort me', and he did."

"Guys always need to be told what to do." Lina grinned and leaned forward. "Then what?"

"He... let me lay on his chest and hugged me," Amelia's eyes were closed, remembering. "His hands felt really good, so warm and gentle... He rubbed my back a little, and rocked me until I fell asleep. Oh, before I fell asleep I made him promise to come see me in a year no matter what happens."

"Smart," Lina commented. "Knowing Zel, he'd just disappear on you."

Amelia gave Lina a contemplative glance, wanting to turn the conversation to a less disturbing subject. "You two were gone an awfully long time yesterday... tell me, are you and Mister Gourry... ?"

The petite sorceress turned redder than her hair. "Did Zelgadis say something?"

"About what?"

Lina put a hand to the back of her head. "Well... I suppose it's time to tell you... Gourry and I are engaged."

"I knew it!" Lina was taken aback as the younger girl grabbed her in a big hug, splashing water everywhere. "I'm so happy for you! I told Zelgadis back before Tollik that you two had finally worked things out!"

"That long ago? Why didn't you say something?"

"Why didn't you?"

Amelia pulled back and the two girls looked at each other and burst into laughter.

The two of them spent several minutes soaking, taking comfort in the hot water and the familiar feminine companionship after the strange newness of their male relationships. Amelia's mind kept recalling all the details of her latest experiences with Zelgadis. He's seen me naked-and I've seen him! And it was embarrassing and scary and... fun. I've never seen a man's... She put her hands to her rosy cheeks, hoping that Lina would just think it was the hot water. I didn't plan for it to happen, but I'm sort of glad it did. Now I'll be able to remember what he looked like, even if we can't-

Her lips trembled, and she fought to control her tears.

"Amelia?" Lina gave her a look of sympathetic understanding. "Don't worry. We'll think of something. You know me-never give up, right?"

Amelia nodded, a tear rolling down her cheek to drop into the water. "I'm afraid I'm all out of ideas."

"Well, think, Amelia. Did Zelgadis say anything that might give us a clue as to what we're up against? Anything that could help us?"

"He said... " She frowned in concentration. "He had to work it out for himself but that it wasn't likely that he'd be ready in time for the wedding."

Lina raised a fine orange eyebrow. "Work what out?"

"Um... he never said."

"... So that means he's still got time to use this cure, right?"

Amelia's eyes widened. "I suppose so."

"So what's he waiting for, an engraved invitation?" Lina put her hands on her slim bare hips. "Are you sure he wants to marry you?"

"Oh, yes." Amelia smiled sentimentally, her eyes shimmering in remembrance. "He's so different when we're alone together... so thoughtful and tender, so gentle... " She clasped her hands together near her chin. "He's warm and kind and he smiles just for me... He even laughs sometimes. I know he would never want to hurt me. Yesterday Zelgadis told me never to change-that I was perfect just the way I am."

Lina blinked. "He... sounds really romantic. This is Zelgadis?"

Amelia nodded. "He told me I'm one of the few people he trusts... and he said he admired how I always look on the bright side. He even made fun of himself last night to cheer me up."

"Zelgadis made jokes?"

Amelia nodded. "But it's the look in his eyes that makes me feel all... warm and tender inside. Zelgadis won't let himself say he loves me, because I think... then he feels it'll hurt him even more if we have to part... but it's there, in his eyes. And in his-I mean, I know he thinks I'm attractive." Whew, I almost told Miss Lina about us seeing each other naked.

"Oh, he's been ogling you, has he? The pervert." Lina looked miffed, but not nearly as angry as Amelia would have thought. Maybe she understands more, now that she and Mister Gourry have gotten together. The princess was struck by a sudden fierce curiosity. Do I dare ask her what she might have done with him?

Lina tilted her head to the side. "'Zelgadis'. Since when have you been calling him that?"

Amelia looked self-conscious. "Well, since... off and on for a while, but since last night, really."

The two girls watched each other for a while, each silently musing. Finally Amelia's curiosity got the better of her. "Miss Lina... do you mind if I ask... Have you and Mister Gourry... um... done anything together?"

"Amelia!" Lina's face went from peachy-pink to red in no time flat.

"Well, you asked me!" The younger girl defended herself. "It's not fair that only you get to ask."

Lina scowled for a moment. "Well... yeah, we've done some stuff." She held up her hands, adding quickly, "But not all of it-I'm saving myself for marriage."

Amelia nodded understandingly. "Have you kissed him?"

"Yeah... " The red-haired sorceress looked as if she was daydreaming.

"Is it fun? What does it taste like? Did you bump noses?"

Lina rolled her eyes. "Yes, weird but not bad, and no. You mean you've never kissed Zelgadis, mister romeo, here?"

"Oh." The younger girl looked abashed. "I... I've tried to, a few times," she confessed, "but something always interrupted us."

"Really." Lina looked impressed. "Well, Gourry's fun to kiss, and it feels really weird when he holds me, but in a good way. I feel like I can't catch my breath, and I'm all tingly and... "

"And it's exciting," Amelia said instantly.

"Yeah." Lina smiled at her friend. "It's nice to know someone understands."

Amelia beamed back at her. "It is. I'm so lucky to have a friend like you."

"Oh, Amelia." Lina looked touched.

A few minutes later Amelia commented, "Guess what? Zelgadis was right. When I went to the water-closet this morning I saw that I was already past my time of the month."

"... You talked to Zelgadis about that?"

Author's Note: I decided to go with the version of Zel's body that we saw in the Miwan episode of Slayers Next, where the stones are fewer and smaller. Although the stones on his face seem to be arranged for protection, the randomly-scattered ones on his body seem to have no logical purpose other than to display the horror of having bits of rock-golem bursting from his body like symbols of his curse`d nature, so I decided to use the more aesthetically pleasing version of his body.

I've wondered about some of Zelgadis' body parts. Honestly, you wouldn't expect him to function at all-stone just isn't flexible enough in the real world for a person to move, let alone have sexual functions. So I figured if Zel can blink stone eyelids and move the rest of his body with perfect flexibility, his male organ ought to be able to do the same things a human's would, i.e.- expand and contract. The only significant difference would be that his organ would be much less sensitive to stimulation, so it'd be kind of useless to try to follow through with any physical desires, either on his own or with a woman, so most likely he would have resigned himself to celibacy a long time ago. Many normal human males do so-monks, for example. They just accept that it's not a part of their lives, and think about other things instead.

Not that Zelgadis can't be swayed by a woman's body! And he sure can't say Amelia's a child anymore, can he? I'd debated whether Amelia should scream and/or hit him as Lina would have, but honestly I think she's more reasonable than that. I figured if she were ever seen nude by someone she trusted, she would most likely be embarrassed, but not violent. Besides, she's trying to get him interested in her! ^_^

And I thought it would definitely please Zel, if he understood that Amelia felt she could trust him enough to be naked together in the same room. Also, I think Zel would take his cues from Amelia-if she acted like it wasn't a big deal, he'd follow her lead. Of course, if she had freaked out... ^_^

My name-contest is drawing to a close-if anyone out there has any good ideas, now's the time to put them in a review. I like several of the ones I've already received, but it never hurts to be open-minded... ^_^

Oh, and minna-san, I'm still hoping for some good fanpics for my calendar... I have to create March's page within the next couple of days, and I'll probably do April's while I'm at it. I have some lovely ones so far, but I don't have enough for the rest of the year...

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