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Be welcome, merry visitor,
to the Dogear Wryde Topiary Garden
and Edward Gorey Tribute Page!

Edward Gorey: in memorium, 1925-2000

Exciting news in the land of the morbid! The Doubtful Guest will have his own movie! The Henson Co. is constructing the little guy... I can hardly wait! I need to go camp out by the theater now. I'll be the one sleeping under my Gashlycrumb Tinies poster. ;D

In the meantime, here are links from Leva's Firefox.org and Reuters for your Ed-ification and Ed-umacation! Eeee, I'm so happy! I think I'll update!

The Ogdred Weary Art Gallery:

Figbash, the acrobat!

The Doubtful Guest

The Devil and Miss Squill from "The Disrespectful Summons"

Two kids surrounded by weird peeps... None of whom seem to have heads, you'll notice...

A mysterious magic wand...

Are your slumber parties this interesting?

"Pardon me, is something wrong?"

Bats and bicycles... typical. :)

Monster Festival

Figbash shuffling the fantod deck!

Miss Squill and the Beelphozoar (the cute one) making fudge! (Yummy!)

Classic Gorey from "The Object Lesson." "An umbrella, or perhaps a bat, disengages itself from the shrubbery."

I knew I liked this guy! Dwagoon!

Some chick named Lalu...

The Throbblefoot Spectre from "The Object Lesson." I wish I could get the next pic in the series too! It's terribly cute!

The Gashlycrumb Tinies, (I need to ament my previous statement about "After The Outing," which is actually a pop-up book... also very entertaining, but rare!

"Freeze! One False Move..." A cover pic...

The cover from "Devils and Demons."

Macavity! Ed illustrated TS Elliot's "Old Badger's Practical Book of Cats," which the Broadway Musical CATS! is based on.

Oooohh... it's spoooookyyy!

'Nuther cat! Grizabella!

"An Exchange of Gifts"

Some Very Gorey Links!

MYSTERY! Finally, someone heard my plea for the openers! Thank You, Tube!
Second Opener

The Edward Gorey Bibliography Site Where you can find articles about Ed Gorey's death on April 15, 2000, or check out his pics, writings, and pseudonyms (like Ogdred Weary and Dogear Wryde)! A great site!

Edward Gorey House Also known as the Elephant House, Gorey's home in Cape Cod. Events, shopping, biography. Yay!

Gorey on Wikipedia Summary of life, style, and a pretty comprehensive book listing.

Goreyography, another site with lots of news, pics, merchandising, etc.

PBS's interview with Gorey Mostly regarding the MYSTERY! sets and opening.

Gorey Details A nice Goth shop featuring Gorey merch and other dark items.

Brilliant Careers: Edward Gorey A great article about Ed aand the nature of his work.

Morbid Outlook Another article, equally as great. Firsthand account of the Dracula stage-play.

Bookpage's article about "The Haunted Tea-Cozy." A version of 'A Christmas Carol??'

Goblinville Boo Tique has links to Amazon.com for many Gorey books!

Phobos-Deimos's Gorey Tribute contains a handful of Gorey's short books and stories. Learn your Gorey Fate with the Fantod deck! Beware the Wuggly Ump!

The Gashlycrumb Tinies A more subtle presentation of the Tinies.

Finally, my own contributions to the Gorey fandom! (IS there a Gorey fandom?? I might be the only one in it!)

The Briefest of Encounters with the Doubtful Guest All right, so he's not really a penguin.. Pretty similar if you ask me though. Pic and short Goreyesque fanfic.

Gorey-inspired dragon Slinky!

The Doubtful Gargoyle A Monthly Gargoyle Contest entry.. mimic the style of your favorite artist. How could I resist? So the Doubtful Guest makes another appearance (looking less like a penguin, at least)
Full Caption from MGC:
"Title: A Doubtful Young Gargoyle Assists in the Capture.. ...of a Dangerous Criminal! I used to watch Mystery! on PBS with my mom at a young age. The theme always intrigued me (how can you not be intrigued by a piece of parapet falling on a croquet ball?). Later in life, I found more and more pieces of art that had that same style and dark humor, and so started my fascination with Edward Gorey. I've done my best to emulate his style here. Referenes for the pic include The Gashlycrumb Tinies, The Doubtful Guest, The Epileptic Bicycle, and The Green Beads.
(Oh, and don't worry, that's just a statue that looks like Goliath. ;)

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