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Only Stone on the Outside

by Dreamsinger

1.Chapter One: A Reunion in Seyrune

2.Chapter Two: Blue Eyes on a Balcony

3.Chapter Three: Concert Musings

4.Chapter Four: Music of the Heart

5.Chapter Five: Chimera Dreams

6.Chapter Six: Lina and Gourry, here? Not again! I don't have time to save the world!

7.Chapter Seven: A Touching Farewell

8.Chapter Eight: Things Get Interesting When Lina's on the Move

9.Chapter Nine: How It All Started

10.Chapter Ten: Sea Dragon! A Tragic Loss

11.Chapter Eleven: Sunset Reflections

12.Chapter Twelve: Return of the Sea Dragon! // Amelia's Having a Ball

13.Chapter Thirteen: A Silent Cry for Help

14.Chapter Fourteen: Say, Lina, do I have to kiss him?

15.Chapter Fifteen: Sally Forth, Amelia! //Aberrant Notions of a Red-Haired Sorceress

16.Chapter Sixteen: Finally We're Here!

17.Chapter Seventeen: Answer That Question!

18.Chapter Eighteen: Confessions

19.Chapter Nineteen: Surprises! The Oracle Reveals All

20.Chapter Twenty: Bared Souls

21.Chapter Twenty-One: In Real Life Your Chest's Not That Big

22.Chapter Twenty Two: Amelia's Adventure

23.Chapter Twenty-Three: Shiran's Story

24.Chapter Twenty-Four: Searching for Shiran

25.Chapter Twenty-Five: A Girl and Her Dragonwolf! What's the Matter with Zelgadis?

26.Chapter Twenty-Six: Zelgadis' Cruel Dilemma / What Are You Doing Here, Amelia?

27.Chapter Twenty-Seven: Crushed Feelings // Never Let The Vendor Set The Price

28.Chapter Twenty-Eight: Kidnapped?! A Boy and His Dog

29.Chapter Twenty-Nine: A Time of Closeness

30.Chapter Thirty: Interrogations and Inner Contemplations

31.Chapter Thirty-One: I Am Not a Child // A Rift Opens

32.Chapter Thirty-Two: Unexpected Betrayal! Xellos to the Rescue?

33.Chapter Thirty-Three: Broken Vow // Allure in the Firelight

34.Chapter Thirty-Four: Dreaming of You // The Art of Sword Fighting

35.Chapter Thirty-Five: Amelia's Tragic Tale

36.Chapter Thirty-Six: In Close Confinement with Gourry Gabriev

37.Chapter Thirty-Seven: Let Me Help, Lina! // Amelia's First Lesson

38.Chapter Thirty-Eight: Fever! // An Unexpected Proposal

39.Chapter Thirty-Nine: Nurse Gourry // I am Not a Child

40.Chapter Forty: Fireside Talk

41.Chapter Forty-One: Bitterness // Awakening

42.Chapter Forty-Two: A Princess' Sacrifice

43.Chapter Forty-Three: Miss Zelgadis?

44.Chapter Forty-Four: Where It All Comes Together

45.Chapter Forty-Five: Is This a Rescue or a Circus?

46.Chapter Forty-Six: "I'm In Love With You"

47.Chapter Forty-Seven: Soothing the Nightmares

48.Chapter Forty-Eight: How Can You Tell if Someone's in Love?

49.Chapter Forty-Nine: A Proposal...and Some Hard Decisions

50.Chapter Fifty: How Do You Court Someone? // When Leapers Attack

51.Chapter Fifty-One: He Thinks I'm Cute?!

52.Chapter Fifty-Two: Return to Tollik, the Land of the Rainbow Sheep

53.Chapter Fifty-Three: Shopping and Music-- The Keys to a Happy Heart

54.Chapter Fifty-Four: Soft Words, Gentle Touches, Tender Sighs // Kembri

55.Chapter Fifty-Five: Kembri's Offer // My Lina

56.Chapter Fifty-Six: Please Hold Me

57.Chapter Fifty-Seven: Honesty and Deception

58.Chapter Fifty-Eight: Clash! A Terrible Confrontation

59.Chapter Fifty-Nine: Treachery at the Inn

60.Chapter Sixty: A Princess in Peril

61.Chapter Sixty-One: Fire Melts Ice

62.Chapter Sixty-Two: Quiet Time

63.Chapter Sixty-Three: The Chimera's New Clothes

64.Chapter Sixty-Four: An Electrifying Encounter

65.Chapter Sixty-Five: The Flight of the Woodwind

66.Chapter Sixty-Six: The Breakdown

67.Chapter Sixty-Seven: It's About Time! The Big Confession

68.Chapter Sixty-Eight: Aftermath // Human Contact

69.Chapter Sixty-Nine: Romansu

70.Chapter Seventy: Growing Ever Closer

71.Chapter Seventy-One: This Isn't What It Looks Like!

72.Chapter Seventy-Two: Renaissance of a Chimera; Dreams

73.Chapter Seventy-Three: The Origin of the Ward Bracelets

74.Chapter Seventy-Four: High

75.Chapter Seventy-Five: Disaster Strikes!

76.Chapter Seventy-Six: Bubbles and Lullabies

77.Chapter Seventy-Seven: Female Comfort / Male Bonding / The Triumphant Return?

78.Chapter Seventy-Eight: Zelgadis' Past

79.Chapter Seventy-Nine: Kerrin's Fate / Xellos

80.Chapter Eighty: I'll Knock Some Sense into Him!

81.Chapter Eighty-One: Let's Go for It! The Oracle's Advice

82.Chapter Eighty-Two: A Child of Mine / First Kiss

83.Chapter Eighty-Three: The Final Stretch / Water Fun

84.Chapter Eighty-Four: Women Always Have To Make A Big Deal Out Of Weddings / Stone Beauty

85.Chapter Eighty-Five: Soul Music

86.Chapter Eighty-Six: Human At Last

87.Chapter Eighty-Seven: Hello, Li

88.Chapter Eighty-Eight: Happiness

89.Chapter Eighty-Nine: Meet the Newlyweds

90.Chapter Ninety: Tailor Woes / Feel the Wind

91.Chapter Ninety-One: Musical Tea Party / Kerrin's Gift

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