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- June 2nd 2013
Project Do Chat Quotes has been held back a bit by Project Marry Beedoo!, but the next update is online: the Station 8 Chat Quotes, January to May 2013 and, from the claws of Beedoo!, September 2006!

- January 6th 2013
Project Do Chat Quotes is underway. The rest of this site is still in a bit of a state, but I am working on the chat quotes, this time with the help of Beedoo!. A dual update this time in the Station 8 Chat Quotes section: 2012, the first days of 2013 and, thanks to Beedoo!, part of August 2006!

- December 15th 2012
So much time has passed. It has been a difficult time for me, but I am determined to continue on my way up out of the mess. I also lost access to my own website years ago, due to weirdness at my provider. I moved the whole thing to Beedoo!'s server, and here we are. I'm sure there are a lot of broken and outdated links. I'll have to see what I'm going to do about this site. For now, the Station 8 Chat Quotes have finally been (partially) updated! go have a look!

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BACK IN THE AIR! (I hope...)

You know, this website has always been important to me. It was my way of sharing things with the world. Good things, things that made the world a little better. The fact that it has fallen in such disrepair has always preyed on my mind. I know, I know, everyone moved the the LiveJournals, and then sold their souls to the Facebooks, probably no one is interested in this website anymore. But I can't just let it go.

Why did I stop, and why am I back? I stopped because my internet provider cut off access to my own website. But that is only half the story. I also stopped because I struggled to go on even in my normal, ordinary life. This website was meant to be a place of fun and entertainment, and I without the right frame of mind, how could I maintain it?

Things are better now. It's an upward trajectory. I contemplated returning to this website, and especially the chat quotes, for a long time. Maybe too long; Station 8 chat has dwindled, and I don't know how we can get it back without a real and serious effort from all of us. What finally made me realise I could not wait any longer was news of the death of Station 8's old hand Wraith, news that reached us 9 months after the fact. What made it worse was that it was not an illness or an accident - Wraith chose to take his own life.

So the first thing that I did was create this page:

Wraith's quotes

It's not much, but it's what I can do. After this, and after going through the treasure trove that is my collection of yet unpublished logs, I decided that enough is enough. I'm going to update the chat quotes. In fact, before I stopped, I had prepared several months worth of them ready for upload. It never happened, because depression gripped me. They are online right now. So run, do not walk, to the link below, to the Station 8 Chat Quotes. Wallow in nostalgia and, you know, maybe try and drop by in Station 8 every once in a while?

Well, welcome to my little corner of the web. Let me start by saying these pages will not change your life. They will not present you with anything of major importance, they do not presume to be what you have always been looking for. These pages contain a number of things all of which are of amusement or importance to me. I have long wondered if they were worth yet another personal website in which no one will be interested. Finally I decided that there was one reason I do need a site: people drew me pictures.

So I encourage you, the visitor, to go over to the gallery section and look at what people made for me. After that, feel free to look around. Who knows, there might be something here you like. Just one thing: any comments, suggestions, whatever, let me know, okay?

Last updated: June 2nd 2013

Most requested link: Station 8 Chat Quotes
  • The Attic - Stuff that basically does not fit anywhere else on the page because it is too random, or too minor, or I simply don't have enough time to do it properly. Where so you put the stuff you don't know what to do with? In the attic, of course.
  • Stories - It's taken me some time to dare to admit this in public, but... I wrote some stories. They're rather big, but I would appreciate any feedback.
  • Gallery of Gifts - The feeling you get when you find someone used their drawing skills to make something for you is a great one indeed. go look at what other people made for or (partly) because of me. They deserve it.
  • Photo Album - A section entirely dedicated to photographs of my various exploits. Which are neither abundant, nor very interesting, but if you're interested, you will find some Gathering pictures in there.
  • Station 8 - This is definately my favourite place on the net. So much so even that I have enough material to devote a seperate section to it, that has become home to the irregularly updated Station 8 Chat Quotes.
  • Miscellaneous - And then there was some other stuff. My favourite show, my favourite chatroom, before it got its own main section, and more... You get the idea.
  • Links - Links to other places, each one far better than this one... Probably the highlight of the site, no? ;)
  • About me - Want to hear about me? No, wait! It's really interesting. Honest! Come back!